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Rating: 8.4 (46 votes)
Description from breacH: Here we go again. Here is my 4th Quake 3 defrag movie. This movie is showing 34 single vq3 tricks from breacH and Dem0oo0N in the most common defrag freestyle maps, or some famous deathmatch maps.

This work can be presented as the finisher of our play-time as defrag freestylers. We have put our best stuff in this movie. And this is probably our last appearance in this game mod.

Nowadays we see a lot of movies containing timescaled or scripted stuff. I want you to know that all footage in this movie has been done with hands and without the help of any cheats or such things. Thanks forward
beeing understanding this for a better joy while watching.

I hope you will enjoy this production!

The movie is available in 2 versions: High quality (1680*1050 at 30fps, xvid 6555 kbps) and Medium quality (1280*800 at 30 fps, xvid 4561 kbps).

Source: own-age.com