So by now I'm sure most people have heard about the shooting at Fort Hood, TX.

The shooter, apparently disliked because he was muslim, and made fun of as part of a stereotype, thought it would be a good idea to do exactly the kind of thing that has portrayed muslims in such a negative light in the first place. Ya he's not the only person to have intentionally killed his fellow soldiers. But in this day and age in the US, he will be remembered because he was Muslim, not because he was being bullied by people.

Im kinda fed up with this bullshit. There's like 10 muslims in the world that actually want peace and understanding, and then the rest would rather bring the rest of the planet back into the 5th century with them. /Massive generalization

You can argue a shitton of reasons why theres so many radicals now of days, such as the wars in iraq and afghanistan (even though they were instigated by 9/11 (although iraq was obviously wrong, gg american political system)). Or Israel being there and beating up on Palestine, whether they deserve it or not. But the fact is, the kind of ideals being presented in muslim societies are just batshit crazy.

Example. Are you fucking kidding me. Mohammad is such a fucking common name like half the people in the middle east have it. Yet you cant name a teddy bear it? And people there thought she should be killed because of it.

Ok i'll wrap up this rant. Incident today has just pissed me off. I'm extremely liberal. Hell i'm subscribed to the CPUSA mailing list. But how can you defend these people when they feel like murdering people, no matter the race or religion, can somehow be justified.

I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this, particularly muslims. Every time some kind of incident like this happens myself and others' opinions of you just get worse and worse and maybe you feel the same way because of the stupid shit we've done in iran, pakistan, afghanistan, or iraq etc.

CNN News Article (ya cnn so what. they're all the same and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.)