I found this BBC Article rather interesting and was wondering what other people thought about the opinions expressed by these people.

Currently 1% (I read earlier, doubt it would be much higher if it is wrong) of the UKs population earn over £150,000.

Only David from Burntwood has a potentially valid point but I'm sure there is a way around that if it truely is to be invested into his company (If not, it's a bit of an oversight from the government as surely investment into business is good for the economy?).

The other three are just in it for themselves, the Swede has already skipped Sweden so I say, good luck in Jordan Jonny.

Fretting over £300 a month when you earn over £150,000 is simply ridiculous, even when you take into account the fact his wife doesn't work he's still earning way more than the majority of people.
I used to believe that if I worked hard then I would reap rewards but after the Budget, I just think why bother? It seems to me that the harder you work, the higher you earn and the higher you get taxed.
You know what, he's right? Why bother, it's not like he's in the 1% of top earners in the country and earns way more in one year than some people can manage in ten years. Is the sole reason he works hard really just for more money?

He goes on to say he doesn't mind being taxed just he doesn't think it's being spent wisely. Yeah, great reason to skip the country to a lower taxed country (Oh, wait).