After extensive review of game footage, the thought-to-be winners of the FragDominant 2v2 Tournament, DaFoneMen (walter and kgb), have been ejected from the competition and lose their title as tournament champions, due to "suspicious circumstances" surrounding the match. The finals will now be replayed between 3rd place finishers, Chronic Insanity (whaz & plague) and Because of Parkinsons (griffin & bLt), leaving Team Darkside (cha0ticz & hoens) as the official 3rd place finishers.

Head on over to Frag Dominant for the official story. Further details regarding coverage of the final will be released shortly. Check back for dates & times.

Admin statement in full by Syn- (Tournament Director)
Excerpt: "The finals were over turned by Razer|Nomadic, representive of the lead sponsor of the tournament (Razer) and one of the tournament organizers. All prizes are coming through him so there is absolutely nothing I can do about him over-turning the result of an event I worked extremely hard to get completed with a good amount of coverage for both the players and spectators alike. So I believe my frustration over this is clear."
Statement from Razer (See comments #637, #638 & #643):
"We recognize that there is a conflict of interest with Nomadic being both an admin and a competitor and we will respect and support any decision that comes from the Q3 Cup Staff regarding the tournament's final outcome."