The seeds have now been released for the "Quake Forever" tournaments at Dreamhack Winter 2008. The event is being held from 27 Nov 2008 till 29 Nov 2008 in Jönköping, Sweden Sweden.

The schedule and rules for "Quake Forever" have now been released, you can find copies attached to this news item below.

The Seeds:

It has also been announced that United Kingdom Joe "Joe" Miller and United Kingdom James "Jay" Harding will be providing live coverage at Dreamhack.
"At DreamArena you can watch all the hot eSport matches from DreamHack Winter LIVE. The great shout casters Jay and Joe are once again back in Sweden to give you the best eSport entertainment possible.

If you against all odds not are with us at DreamArena. Be sure to stay updated by visiting and by watching the livestream from DreamArena, we will be broadcasting all the best matches here on the web."
Source: Dreamhack
mIRC #DreamHack :: #DreamHack.Quake

Can players in the signup list who are planning NOT to attend please contact dronar via email asap so he can amend the lists (quake4ever[at]