Since there's been said a lot about women in esports, I decided to open this thread (opening poll'd be better though, unfortunately it looks like I don't have enough rights to do so)

What do you ESR people think of women in e-sports? Are they really worse in PC gaming? Why would that be then?
All you need for gaming is experience, fast reactions, tactics etc. really don't see any strength factor involved. Acording to this, they should be equal, but something's just not right... Have you seen any top female players who'd be able to equally fight top men? I haven't. Why is it like that?
Also do you like the idea of "female tournaments"? If I should compare esports to some other sport it would be chess :-) And there're also men and women together since there's also no strength involved. Obviously not talking about the famous chess boxing (Youtube it for some fun) :-))

It could be really more fun with more girls in the sport :-) Ok, I am expecting some funny answers, hope you won't dissappoint. :-)