Heavy title I know. The heady zeitgeist of religion and eye-candy gamers made me notice the number of people who seem to believe truth is relative, to quote the Dude 'well that's just, like, your opinion, man'. The truth really is out there, people aren't all equally right about everything and it seems to go from everything from the serious to the petty.

Education telling everyone they're a winner and that their view point is interesting must have something to do with this, or the ridiculous post-modern inability to say what you mean, as if expressing a real and unreserved opinion is naive because you might be wrong. Stupid and plain wrong ideas do not deserve respect nor discussion, it's the kind of feeble thinking that leads to creationism even getting a shot at being taught in schools, because it's an alternate view (of course). That it takes the ridiculous counterpoint of pastafarianism to shoot it down is a strong indication on how weak people's grip on fact is becoming.

Colbert's factinista joke is painfully accurate, like facts are just one version of reality with no more value than any other and a slightly tiresome and wayward one. It doesn't matter that a lie is old and well-worn like sky daddies, it's still a huge falsehood that deserves not an ounce of respect. Some kinda ramble.