Or the way it imposes on me.

I just had a pretty nice night out, I went bowling with my brother and some friends of his.

I had something to drink before, and during, the bowling session, which was nice, considering everything.
Apparently I kept hitting on this 60+ year old woman, who kept talking about her grandchildren, at the bar. The bartender for the evening was a lovely young woman from whom I ordered a Russian White (much like a White Russian but, uh, somehow different).
At the end of the evening I asked this extraordinarily nice lady (the bartender), not for a date or her phone number, but for a swizzle stick to bring home with me.
I now regret this.

As for the the topic of this journal, every part of me and my feelings this night, and many more, have been influenced by the music of Roger Waters.

Maybe I'm catering to certain audiences by mentioning this, maybe I'm trying to look better than I am, but it is the truth nonetheless.

I really can't figure out a way to end this, so how should I stop?