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The “most anticipated Wolfenstein frag movie 2006” © Crossfire Community

After months of waiting, the hype and anticipation surrounding this release has gone astronomical. Finally, almost 1 year on, one4one Decimated has landed.

Production began back in September of 2005, when resident Swertcw movie critic United Kingdom -Max- took up the task of creating this project, labeled “Decimated” by then team manager United Kingdom rG. It soon became a labor of love, as he invested over 7 months of editing into this release.

It takes you on a journey through the career of one of Enemy Territory’s most skilled clans. From their early days as uQ Gaming, led by manager United Kingdom rG to their brief stint with Reason Gaming and their eventual resting place at one4one. During their time together they won the ClanBase SummerCup Premier and several other smaller tournaments, including beating Parodia in the first #ET-Cup final.

Without further fanboyism…

Created by Ultraviolet Productions, United Kingdom eTerNal & United Kingdom -Max-

Vital Statistics:

Length: 22:30
Size: 504Mb
Ratio: 22.4Mb/min
Resolution: 720x480

Ultraviolet | one4one

(Taken from Nellie's post on http://www.crossfire.nu - Thanks Nellie)