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Movies are an important part of the Quake and AFPS community. Not only are movies a great way of introducing new audienc...
Finding the best CSGO gambling sites in 2019 is not that easy. CSGO gambling has had a chequered past to say the least, with many sites being shut down and penalised because of illegal activity.

There is clearly a demand among some Counter-Strike lovers to bet on their favourite game but for the sector to be sustainable long-term, CSGO gambling sites must comply with the laws - primarily for the safety and security of esports fans but also for the sake of themselves.
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HoQ CTF League (1 comment)
Posted by artemis4 @ 10:56 CDT, 19 April 2024 - iMsg
House of Quake will hold a Capture the Flag League starting in early May. This is a new edition of a well-established competitive game mode and we would love as many hands on deck as we can!

Region: EU

Map pool: Spider crossings, Japanese Castles, The Dukes Garden, Ironworks, Troubled Waters, Infinity, Courtyard

Format: TBD

Teamsize: 5

For those who are interested, I would invite you to join the House of Quake discord server where there is an ongoing discussion in the CTF-league channel regarding the exact league format - forming the teams (self-initiating or draft), tournament format (Swiss format, Double round robin) and other possible settings.

There are ongoing negotiations with sponsors, but as of far, there is no prize pool.

On Thursday, 25th of April, there will be a final announcement of the league's format. Registration opens this Sunday and will close on the 28th of April. Until then, I invite you to join the discord and help us with the decision!

Links: House of Quake discord server, CTF-league channel
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My 2nd PQL frag movie (4 comments)
Posted by Maga-pql @ 10:34 CDT, 5 April 2024 - iMsg

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Don't take your girl to the cinema, better save money and check the tape:
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project velocity is officialy dead, blaming DoS attacks (20 comments)
Posted by hc @ 07:06 CDT, 26 March 2024 - iMsg
Just found on r/quakelive:

Some dude quoted their discord:

Hi @everyone I've spent some time organizing my thoughts around the future of Project Velocity and our role in the Quake Esports space. Over the past 6 months we've spent countless hours creating a brand and product that captured the essence of the AFPS experience, thanks to <@&1171941457976905778> <@474545543784169482> <@539930087496351759> <@761697558648324156> and <@518268101218009120> <@101829452719198208> <@111593347063263232> and <@359426104760729602> we achieved something remarkable in our short time here in the Quake scene. Our vision was always a bold and creative one, one that combined the sounds and sights of the earlier days of gaming into a modern package that could attract new viewers into the AFPS space. While we were able to pivot around and more or less secure the Project Velocity tournament servers, it was widely known that the attacker spread his efforts into other community servers and impacted play for hundreds of players. The AFPS space is too small for us to try and force a round peg into a square hole - if the security of Quake Live is not conducive to rebuilding a healthy player base, then I see no reason to pour resources into a space that is so easily jeopardized. Project Velocity was entirely funded out of my own pocket, and while I was happy to do so I also have a family that have an obligation to make wise life decisions on behalf of. I do not see a world in which I can confidently sell sponsorship offerings into a league that faces constant attacks. Unfortunately, Quake Live servers are some of the flimsiest game servers I've ever come across. Frustrated is an understatement - I poured my heart into soul into organizing a project that I held so close to my heart. For now, we will keep the Project Velocity Discord server alive in the event of our return. With somewhat credible rumors of Quake 6 in the mix, we are keeping our eye on the franchise and will happily return in the event that we feel we can provide value to the community. Thank you to the thousands of players who tuned in, our incredible <@&1193666215974019173> and <@&1172304310504259604> for allowing us to explore the option of dedicated servers. We will always be rooting for the AFPS space, and will always remain a fan of the genre &#128578;

that's all folks
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fragged by vig1lante 2024 (No comments)
Posted by Vig1lante @ 23:47 CST, 4 March 2024 - iMsg

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To commence my 30th birthday, I thought it was time to revisit some of the frags i made over the last few years and cook up another frag video.

Programs used: WolfcamQL, Sony VEGAS 16
Track: KMFDM - Ultra
clips from: mrgrim, cxt, reyGG.

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Prague Lan 2024 powered by Surfshark (27 comments)
Posted by stripy @ 16:23 CST, 1 March 2024 - iMsg
The Quake Live CTF LAN will take place 22–24th of March 2024. The venue will be the newest Skillzone LAN centre in Czech Republic Prague. Further details bellow:

Date: 22.-24.3.2024
Location: Prague, Czechia
Gamemode: 5v5 CTF & Duel
Format: CTF is Groupstage BO1, top4 BO3 single elimination bracket after. Duel double elimination bo3 bracket.
- CTF Map pool: spidercrossings, japanesecastles, ironworks, infinity, troubledwaters
- 1v1 Map pool: aerowalk, bloodrun, lost world, hektic, cure, t7
Prize pool: 800€ + many many product goodies.

Sponsors: Surfshark, Artisan, ASUS CZ, Starobrno Brewery, Zichovec family brewery, Dullik, Quake Pub
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Reflections with vengeuR: Almost Lost Dad Before WC Final! (2 comments)
Posted by Thorin @ 12:53 CST, 8 February 2024 - iMsg
In the 354th episode of my "Reflections" series I interviewed Italy Marco "vengeuR" Ragusa, 2021 Quake Pro League World Champion.

vengeuR discusses his ability to beat United States of America rapha, his strange friendship with Hungary RAISY who he doesn't practice with, what makes Germany k1llsen's style and attitude so unique and how the Italian player almost lost a family member before he had to play the World Championship final!

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'Reflections' with RAISY part 1: rapha Has an Aura (9 comments)
Posted by Thorin @ 14:22 CST, 3 February 2024 - iMsg
In the 350th episode of my "Reflections" series I interviewed Hungary Adrián "RAISY" Birgány, five time Quake Pro League World Championship runner-up.

RAISY discusses his early days competing in CS:GO, breaking onto the Quake scene with wins at Dreamhack Denver and the Italian Open 2018, his countless runners-up finishes and the difficulty of battling United States of America rapha.

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CPM rem cup (6 comments)
Posted by xero- @ 21:50 CST, 24 January 2024 - iMsg
United States of America rem will be hosting a CPM duel cup this Saturday, January 27, starting at 12:00 EST! Featuring classic maps and a 200 USD prize pool, the event will be the first of the year. Everyone is encourage to register.

You can sign up by joining the cpma #uscpmpickup Discord and registering on challonge challonge.

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QFL Duel Cup - First in February (No comments)
Posted by machine @ 13:46 CST, 21 January 2024 - iMsg
Monthly Duel Cups Hosted by Quake For Life will take place on the first Sunday of every month @ 3PM EST -
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QHLAN on its way! (4 comments)
Posted by leopold @ 11:38 CST, 11 January 2024 - iMsg
The QW folks are doing it again!

QHLAN 2024 rages from 10th Jan to 13th 2024 inStockholm, Sweden (next to Tele2 Arena) with rougly 100 players.

First day is (was) warmup day, today (11th) 1on1 is running.
12th Jan will see 2on2 action, 4on4 + awards etc. will be on 13th.


Games: TastyspleenTV
Event: bps__
Get QW
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More defrag awesomeness by power_of_heavy_metal (No comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 09:20 CST, 9 January 2024 - iMsg

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not much info but frankly, who needs info when you've got awesome defrag runs like these


More DeFrag: - 24/7 defrag spectating bot
DeFrag discord :
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QUAKELIVE NA CTF 4V4 DRAFT - $500 Prize Pool (3 comments)
Posted by quakectf @ 14:43 CST, 8 January 2024 - iMsg
When: Jan 24 - Mar 17 (8 week event)
Where: Online (North America)
Who: QFL | Quake for Life CTF League
Total prize money : $500 + any community donations

Currently 56/60 confirmed participants as of this post. 4 spots remain. Must be present on QFL discord to participate.

NA CTF Pickup games will also occur in our Discord regularly throughout this event on our official Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Virginia servers. We welcome and encourage new/returning players to join our CTF community.

Format: 4 week Swiss, 4-week Single Elim Bracket, completing in 8 weeks.

Playoff Map Pool: Ironworks, Infinity, Spider Crossings, Noir, Cold Cathode, Antacid, Gospel Crossings


Brackets / Results:
- Official website:
- Discord:
- Twitter:
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fragged by phorest (4k update) (5 comments)
Posted by phorest @ 11:42 CST, 1 January 2024 - iMsg

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Rating: 8 (9 votes)
UPDATE:I updated the links for 4k version. (youtube and mega)

osp/cpma/ql fragmovie, frags and edited by Hungary phorest (also know: harmless or SKZIPHZE)

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QUAKELIVE 1V1 CASH TOURNAMENT - Project Velocity (15 comments)
Posted by machine @ 12:51 CST, 29 December 2023 - iMsg
I know, I're here for the fame and fortune...

Well strap on your seat belt and get ready to battle!

North America Only (US + Canada)

Signup here:
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Posted by TeamEventHorizon @ 19:04 CST, 22 December 2023 - iMsg

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Sessions Complete Season 3 is now available on YouTube!

Peep the 'Sessions' series finale right here!

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