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Additional character predictions thread (26 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:54 CDT, 12 March 2017 - iMsg
Who else would you like to see featured in QC that hasn't made an appearance yet? I hope to see the return of :

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Quakecon 2014 - potential rematches (34 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:39 CDT, 2 July 2014 - iMsg
Not specific to Quakecon just rematches that I'd like to see happen at this LAN. Here's my list :

Rapha vs Strenx on Toxicity
Strenx vs Tox on Furious heights
Evil vs Rapha on Lost World
Cha0ticz vs anyone on Campgrounds
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Precum Quakecon thoughts (31 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 08:04 CDT, 5 May 2014 - iMsg
I wonder if we'll be seeing John Carmack at this year's Quakecon.

It seems likely that this year CTF will be making a return. What are the chances of having similar teams that were featured in the recent Cap This CTF tournament? I fear a team consisting of id_ and friends will just roll everyone like years prior. Perhaps if it's announced soon enough we might see a European team make it out there.

Finally, Evil vs Rapha rematch. I hope it happens.

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People for the preservation of potats. (4 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 19:05 CST, 27 November 2013 - iMsg
Our fellow Moldovan brothers and sisters are being economically squeezed in a political game of chess.

To show my support I'll be raising a glass of fine Moldovan wine this DH every time Rapha wins a match. This'll be accompanied by a barrage of different varieties of cheese and crackers. This'll be a big change for me as I usually consume beer and eat Cheetos with chopsticks.

Support the potat, buy Moldovan wine as gifts for people this Christmas. For children they'll love hand made potato necklaces.
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Faceit Summer Season Finale (7 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 15:27 CDT, 30 September 2013 - iMsg
twitch comment highlights for those of you who missed the action:
Respect the Paco!
Shootmania sucks!
CS:GO sucks!
Darude - Sandstorm
potat's marketing campaign was strong this week. Unfortunately I was unable to acquire Cashews of Chaos so I had to settle with Ginni's Famous Cashew Nuts. They were nice. If Cashews of Chaos had been accessible to me at my nearby retail establishment I would have most definitely purchased a pack.

Do you think Fatality has a lifetime's supply of Cashews of Chaos? How baller would that be..
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Syria (278 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:35 CDT, 27 August 2013 - iMsg
When the US and UK bomb Syria and the French serve them coffee and croissants whilst doing so, do you think China, Russia or Iran will actually do anything? I'm intrigued how this chest puffing is going to turn out.
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Slave to statistics (5 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 14:32 CDT, 20 August 2013 - iMsg
Bought a new mouse
hitting everything, cleaning house
24 hours later
can't hit shit, turn into a hater
think too much about accuracy
lose love for the game rapidly
don't wanna play lame
no plus back, no strafe aim
statistics takes a dive
wanna uninstall Quakelive
time heals the pain
I'll be back again
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F3 or leave (57 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 07:49 CDT, 11 August 2013 - iMsg
When I'm in the game, nothing else matter
cg underscore chatbeep zero, fuck the in-game chatter
Grab first Quad, everyone scatter
Rocket launcher out, here comes the batter
Excellent, Impressive I hear the flatter
6 hours later, I'm significantly fatter
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Introducing the Ice gun. (18 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:39 CDT, 18 July 2013 - iMsg
I gave up a long time ago hoping QL features would at some point equal that or better those from mods that existed over a decade ago such as OSP and CPMA.

Now I'm going to add to the problem.

Envision this. A gun that deposits small amounts of ice which echoes the behavior of an icey surface like on a map such as Distant Screams. The ice thaws after x seconds and you're limited to x per game. You could setup traps at power-up entrances or herd an entire team down a lava pit. The amount of epic is unparalleled.

Yes, I'am drinking the same thing Jamerio is drinking at this moment in time.

Fuck you.
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Quake 3 bots figured out something that (29 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 15:09 CDT, 2 July 2013 - iMsg
humans haven't for 200,000 years.

Copy/pasta'd from sheddit.
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What if ..Quakecon 2013 (24 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 07:14 CDT, 23 May 2013 - iMsg
If all participants used the same peripherals and were only able to tweak their settings via the GUI. How much of an impact would this have on their game? Would players styles be noticeably different or would this experiment just show how it really is all in your mind and what you're comfortable with.

Also, I think it would be cool if we had a top down camera POV that focused on each players mouse movements that could later on be embedded with VODs from the stream.
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Gaming featured on main page of the BBC (13 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 10:07 CDT, 21 April 2010 - iMsg
Specifically gaming and the growth in Durban, South Africa of all places.

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id super pack on steam - today only (10 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:10 CST, 24 December 2009 - iMsg
is £12.89 !

Check out all the games that's included:
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Fatality's 13th championship will be (3 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 19:27 CST, 27 November 2009 - iMsg
in Feb 2010

I'm actually looking forward to that game.
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Doom boxart artist dies of heart attack (7 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 19:44 CDT, 31 October 2009 - iMsg
Don Ivan Punchatz, the artist who helped id Software launch Doom to a greatness by designing the artwork on the box and promotional materials, has died of cardiac arrest.

Don, who also provided art for publications such as Playboy, National Geographic, TIME and National Lampoon, suffered a cardiac arrest on October 11 and did not regain consciousness.

After nearly two weeks of intensive tests, doctors concluded that there was no chance of recovery and no brain activity, advising the family to remove him from life support, aged 73.

"He never wanted to be kept alive like this," Greg Punchatz, Don's son, said to SpectrumFantasticArt, "so we are respecting his wishes."

Don's work was best known to gamers for his efforts on the Doom packaging - the iconic image of the space marine shooting down into the hellish hordes - but that was only a small part of his work. His styles varied hugely between photo-realism and surrealism and he was affectionately known as 'The Godfather of Dallas Illustration' for his work in founding Sketch Pad Studios, which helped launch other artists to greatness.

Testaments to Don's ability were left by a number of notable figures, including author Ray Bradbury, who one wrote the following passage about him.

RIP :(
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I missed Quakecon :( (13 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 05:48 CDT, 22 August 2009 - iMsg
Are there any VOD's? If so throw me a link to some epic matches.

Did I miss anything interesting?

Is there GTV for Quakelive?

I think this is the first one I've missed since 2k2 :[
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Cassidy from Spade, TX (3 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:10 CDT, 28 July 2009 - iMsg
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On a UK ISP? Can you access this page? (40 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:05 CST, 7 December 2008 - iMsg
Just seen this on reddit:

If you're in the UK and using one of the following ISPs: O2/Be Unlimited, Virgin Media, Easynet, Plusnet, Demon, TalkTalk - then you're internet is being censored and you cannot view this page.

This is the page being censored:

I'm on Virgin media and I can't see it. It's blank. I can via proxies.

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Left 4 Dead (5 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 21:21 CST, 3 December 2008 - iMsg
So, has anyone got it? If so, how do you rate it bitches!
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More about Guidos (30 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:05 CST, 29 November 2008 - iMsg
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This game rocks (17 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 19:38 CDT, 1 October 2008 - iMsg

Check out the forums if you get stuck, there are some amazing alternative designs people have come up with.
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Swedish twins (59 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:42 CDT, 25 September 2008 - iMsg
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Porn - Safe for work (4 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:05 CDT, 25 September 2008 - iMsg
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American readers, explain this (75 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 09:02 CDT, 17 September 2008 - iMsg
to me:

1:12 is of particular interest, is looking like a oompa loompa a recent trend?
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ROFL (10 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 05:25 CDT, 11 September 2008 - iMsg
Freestyle rap battle translated
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Google Chrome (13 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 14:30 CDT, 2 September 2008 - iMsg
Captain's log:

Testing Google's new web browser and dang it renders pages fast.
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Georgia-Russia War (77 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 18:51 CDT, 20 August 2008 - iMsg
Want to know WTF is going on?

Watch this :

Hilarious. News should be read with a peanut butter face.
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2 QL invites give away (19 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 05:18 CDT, 14 August 2008 - iMsg
The first two to comment on this thread gets them.
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Favourite Quakecon event (3 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 15:48 CDT, 2 August 2008 - iMsg
Quakecon 2k2

Coverage: TSN, GTV, WTV
Fatality beating Zero4,
Lexer's comeback on DM6 ,
Daler says hi with rail,
Entire RTCW tournament.

A near perfect event.

I miss the GTV / WTV spam :(

Euros > *
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The Pelican & the Pigeon. (6 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 14:51 CDT, 27 July 2008 - iMsg
Dear Diary,

I saw a Pelican feasting upon a Pigeon, it was the funniest thing I've seen today.

I <3 the internet.
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Youtube - Crazy people (No comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:07 CDT, 26 May 2008 - iMsg
Here's my submission :


Post up your randoms.
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Painkiller review - Yes, a recent one (9 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 18:23 CDT, 21 May 2008 - iMsg

Yea. That's what I thought. WTF.

Quite funny, I'm betting the PK community just doubled because of it.
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Man United (14 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:24 CDT, 21 May 2008 - iMsg
What an amazing game. Unlucky J Terry. But it had to be United's night. Shame Giggs couldn't score the winner, he was close though :)
(technically I guess he did though, he scored the last penalty, whooop!)

And I won my bet. Ronaldo to score first, Man U to win. o/ \o
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Walter - It's a TARP! (12 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 05:33 CDT, 14 May 2008 - iMsg
So yea. Conspiracy theories. I reckon Walter is actually CZM.

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LOST (7 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 18:15 CDT, 5 May 2008 - iMsg
So yea, I'm still watching it. And yep I'm LOST.

Anyhow, Hurley looks like he's lost a bit of weight?
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Gateway Laptop (No comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:15 CDT, 23 March 2008 - iMsg
Check out this review, it's pretty badass.

Shame it has a Gateway label.

Plus I'm loving the reviewer. Jesus, uber and ownage. I'm speechless.
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Food, food. (102 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 11:37 CST, 17 February 2008 - iMsg
What's your favourite?

Mine right is now is Japanese. Hm Hmmmm. Followed by a close second Italian.

I've tried making my own Japanese delights but it's not quite right. So I'm contemplating on doing a Japanese cooking course. Italian food, I can do a decent Spaghetti Bolognese and a Lasgne but that's about it. So I'm going to give Jamie Oliver's book, Jamie's Italy a crack.
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A chair for gaming (6 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 20:08 CST, 12 February 2008 - iMsg
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American Presidential candidates (217 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:29 CST, 7 February 2008 - iMsg
Anyone at all interested in who America's next President is going to be?

From what I've seen Ron Paul is to good to be true. That guy actually makes sense, so he's got no chance whatsoever. Other than him I quite like Obama.

Though if the trend continues the next President will be a bigger ass than the current one. Mr inconsistent, John McCain.

I just want this bollocks in the middle east to end.
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<3 Winamp 5.5 (87 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 15:27 CDT, 1 November 2007 - iMsg
10th Anniversary edition :

<3 the new skin + features
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Posted by xoji @ 10:52 CDT, 23 October 2007 - iMsg

Anyone seen this documentary?

In-fucking-credible, what an eye opener that was. It's long, but it's definitely worth watching the entire thing.

Better quality versions are available on torrents and usenet.
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2 days (5 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 20:48 CDT, 16 September 2007 - iMsg
to go and it's that time of year again.

Yes, it's international talk like a pirate day.
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Bizarre video (9 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 09:28 CST, 12 February 2007 - iMsg

Two rabbits begin to brawl and then two chickens come in and break it up.
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Cats (8 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:14 CST, 21 January 2007 - iMsg
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Female gamers (35 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 19:55 CST, 13 January 2007 - iMsg
I definitely appreciate them

More female gamers FTW !!
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Joe Rogan on gaming - Must see !! (29 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 16:21 CST, 10 January 2007 - iMsg
I knew UFC annoucer / Comedian Joe Rogan played Q3 back in the day but you guys have to check out this video of him being interviewed during the video game award show. It's fucking hillarious. Q4 gets a mention and we also get to hear his view on the future of gaming.

<3 Joe
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Oasis (7 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:14 CST, 11 December 2006 - iMsg

Recently heard "D'you know what i mean?" and i feel like joining a gang and causing upsets at my local footy club on the weekends and being labeled a chav.

Seriously though. Great band. That track bought back some memories and i just downloaded a couple more of their albums.

Time to chillax.
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Queuing for a PS3, need protection? (13 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 05:56 CST, 17 November 2006 - iMsg
This advert is hillarious. Check it out :
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Recent laughs (3 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 15:10 CST, 9 November 2006 - iMsg
Oh boy,

Jackass 2
Dirty Sanchez the movie
FPS Doug


crying with laughter.

And to top it off i'll be seeing Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan this week.

I know FPS Doug might be old but i seen some new footage on youtube, fucking hillarious. That guy seriously rocks my world.

Go see !

Ciao hombres.
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17 days to go.. (54 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:30 CDT, 17 September 2006 - iMsg
until the first episode of season 3 of LOST is aired !

Unfortunately we get only 6 episodes this year then 17 consecutive episodes running from february 2007 (according to wikipedia). Why the hell do they do this, annoying or what.

The story will continue 65 days after the crash, and will focus on the Others (as led by "Henry Gale") and their history, ranks, and goals. The audience will meet more survivors of the plane crash as new characters in the third season, and their flashbacks will be featured as a unique and central component of the series.
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Patent pwning (9 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 18:12 CDT, 26 April 2006 - iMsg
"A patent troll is somebody who tries to make a lot of money off a patent that they are not practicing and have no intention of practicing and in most cases never practiced."

Tasters :

Last January a dozen of the world's most respected scientists gathered in a nondescript conference room at an office building outside of Seattle. They sat around a table cluttered with laptops and papers, snacked on bowls of beef jerky and Chex Mix, and plotted the next technological revolution.

The brainstorming session, practically unintelligible to those with a less-than-Mensa-level IQ, took place at the offices of Intellectual Ventures, a start-up founded in 2000 by former Microsoft Corporation chief technologist Nathan Myhrvold. No intellectual slouch himself, Myhrvold not only led the discussion, but was an eager contributor, sketching out flow charts on a large whiteboard at the front of the room. A handful of patent prosecutors, charged with translating "aha moments" into patent applications, desperately tried to follow along, noting every reference, pulling up obscure theorems on their computers, and snapping photos of Myhrvold's scribblings.

This is the friendly face of Intellectual Ventures. At the Bellevue, Washington-based company, the science hails from Star Trek but the business plays out like Star Wars. For the past six years, Myhrvold and his Jedi inventors have been brainstorming, developing, and patenting their best ideas. The company doesn't plan on manufacturing, or commercializing, a product. "We are a pure play about invention," says Myhrvold with prototypical passion. "Really big ideas have to come from somewhere."

But at Intellectual Ventures, not all the big ideas come from the Jedis. Another arm of the 100-employee company, headed up by former Intel Corporation in-house counsel Peter Detkin--a Darth Vader figure to many--has been buying up thousands of patents through shell corporations. A $400 million investment from some of the biggest technology companies, including Nokia Corporation, Intel, Apple Computer Inc., Sony Corporation, and Microsoft, funds the shopping spree. (None of these companies would comment for this story.) Some in the IP asset management field estimate that Intellectual Ventures has amassed 3,000-5,000 patents.

As the patent stockpile grows, so does the speculation--and the fear. IP lawyers and tech executives worry that Intellectual Ventures is less interested in changing the world with big ideas, and more focused on becoming an Ÿber-troll, wreaking litigation havoc across industries with its patents.

Conclusion :

All your base are belong to us

Source :

Interesting read. Patents are really getting out of hand. I seen this documentary about farmers in the US. This one particular company genetically modified a seed that could withstand certain pesticides. This particular seed was spread EVERYWHERE. They then sued all the farmers that had that particular seed growing in thier field. What a kick in the nuts that is. Most had to close thier farms. And i can't recall exactly what the figure was but for those in america, whatever you've eaten today grown from seeds was probably grown from one of them genetically modified seeds.
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Photography (13 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 11:29 CST, 28 December 2005 - iMsg
I love it !
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Q4 MODS (2 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 08:29 CST, 13 November 2005 - iMsg
A Poll should be made to find out which is the most popular mod voted by ESR users!

BRUTTO XXX-HS-Slayerking mod beta 0.1337

Brutto FTW !
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Q4 + Rockets + Portals = (4 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 14:22 CDT, 22 October 2005 - iMsg
Fun !

Check out this little avi.
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Sony (12 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 10:10 CDT, 17 October 2005 - iMsg
Is annoying the hell out of me now.

I've had my Sony MD player for 4 and half years and it's stopped recording, though it still plays fine. Now this has given me a good excuse to buy a new MP3 player. So i was originally looking at the Sony NW-HD5H. Now i noticed this was removed from a few websites that i was previously looking at so i did a bit of searching about to find out Sony has something new on the horizon. The Sony NW-A3000. Ok, this looks cool and it's supposed to have better functions than the HD5 but it's slightly bigger and it's 20 GB instead of 30GB and it doesn't have a replacable battery like the HD5.
So theres the dilema at the moment. I'm waiting for a detailed review to come out before i make my mind up though. But what annoys me is that Sony decide to come out with something new altogether which isn't better than what they had previously. Why didn't they just work around the HD5. Whack in a colour screen, maybe alter the button alignment and tweak it a little to make it easier browsing through your playlists. It would of been great then, something that could stand up with Apple. I'm reluctant to purchase an ipod for several reasons. Sony tend to have better sound quality and the battery life is double of what Apple can offer.

So, after i spent a while browsing trying to find out as much info about this new Sony MP3 player i noticed they have released a new phone. The Sony W900. I need a new phone as well, my current nokia is a load of crap. But i think Sony are definitely on to something with this new phone.

Some of the main features :

-109 x 49 x 24 mm and 148 grams
- Black and White
- Swiveling keypad form factor with Automatic rotating effect (opens with “the lightest of touches”)
- Triband GSM 900/1800/1900 and UMTS
- 2.2&#8243; 320x240 (QVGA) 262k color TFT screen
- 2megapixel camera with autofocus, flashlight and 8x digital zoom with video recording at 30fps
- Frontal VGA camera for videocalls
- Full screen video playback at 30fps
- Bluetooth, Infrared and Fast Port
- Memory Stick PRO Duo slot (with cards currently available up to 2gb, 4gb in the future)
- 470mb internal memory (for between 120 and 240 songs)
- Stereo Handsfree with remote control and 3.5mm headphone jack
- Radio FM with RDS
- Support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI, WAV and XMF
- 40-tone polyphonics
- Megabass
- Java2ME with high performance 3D gaming engine (Asphalt Urban GT 3D, PowerBall Arcade 3D and QuadraPop games included, some played horizontally)
- Macromedia Flash Lite

Now that is sweet. Not only that, it actually looks good !!

High quality pictures of the new Sony AV-1000 and AV-3000 :

AV-1000 + AV-3000
Sony AV-1000
Sony AV-3000 and the Sony NW-HD5
Sony AV-1000, Sony NW-HD5 and the AV-3000
Sony AV-1000 and the Sony NW-HD5 (side angle)
Another angle shot of the Sony AV-1000 and the Sony NW-HD5
Sony AV-3000 and the Sony NW-HD5 (side angle)
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Funny story (20 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 13:49 CDT, 3 October 2005 - iMsg
This was mailed to me in work, funny story. Read on !


"Right this is the first post as to what happened:

went to romford brewry to see wolf creek (dont bother, its ****e!) with about 8 mates, and i dragged my little brother and his GF with us! anyway, we saw the film and left with everyone else, a few of us went to the toilet after so we waited about! 2 girls came walking out of the cinema, and one was in tears! so one of my mates asked her if she was ok! she replyed with "**** off!" my mate laughed it off! anyway we walked down the stairs and started walking past mcdonalds towards the car park, for thos who know it! and there were a few boys waiting downstairs, the girls were walking in front and the few boys that were down stairs threw a sweet at one of the girls! the girl picked it up and walked up to one of my lot and called him all the names under the sun and then tryed to slap him! my mate basically told her it wasnt him! i found this quiet amusing! and wound my mate up about getting told by a bird! but then her mate said "get him!" and pointed to me! i spun around and she swag her high heels at me and hit me in the side of the face! and my first reaction was to punch her! so i jabbed her in the face to warn her off, but she swang the shoes at me again! and her mobile phone fell out of her shoes! (a 6230 the same as mine!) so i spun around to pick it up as i thought it was mine! and pocketed it! she then ran at me! and i moved out of the way and she hit the floor and dropped big time! (as she had tights on with no shoes!), i just stood there and laughed with the rest of the crowd and she jumped up again and ran at me now with 1 shoe! i jogged off laughing and she chased me! (i didnt want anymore trouble) so i jogged and she sprinted! i stopped suddenly and she procedded to attack me with her shoe! i slapped her in her face twice and a mate broke it up! she then attacked him and threw a can of coke over him! then security came over and stood in front of the girls and asked us what the problem was! we explained then walked off to the cars whilst blowing kisses at the girls!

i then got in my car and noticed i had her phone! looked through it and she has loads of naked pics of herself p*ssy shots and everythink!

*stampy* So basically after the ruck he had her phone and found mucky pix, then loaded them on the net to shame her and distribute posters in her home town!!"


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Snake - African Rock Python (61 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 04:45 CDT, 22 September 2005 - iMsg
Just wanted to share this with you guys.

"A sheep farmer was puzzled at the disappearance of sheep. After a
few weeks of sheep disappearing the farmer decided to put up an
electric fence. The fence then stopped working after a few days. This
is what he found...... (see pics)"

Did some browsing and i found an article on this snake, it includes a picture of it being cut open.

More here

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The good ole times. (17 comments)
Posted by xoji @ 17:32 CDT, 12 September 2005 - iMsg
With the Quake 4 release date being "officially" announced according to nostalgia set in and Quake 3 memories came flooding back. These memories may also have been triggered because I’m listening to some old music that was popular in the clubbing scene at that time.

My friend in college persuaded me and a few other friends to try out Quake 3. This was our first experience with online games and it was amazing fun. Everything was completely new to us at the time so we had a lot of learning to do. Even though we got owned hard we still had a great laugh. There are a few things that stuck out in my mind.

At the beginning the community was huge, just that factor alone made the game enjoyable because you met a lot of people in the same situation as yourself. Secondly the transition period from 40fps and a dialup connection to 125 fps and a cable connection. That alone was like a complete overhaul of the game and it changed our experiences for the better. Going through that period with your team mates was a good laugh, added more to our arsenal on our assault in the lower divisions of the Q3CTF leagues.

There were other things that kept us interested. There was the CPL and Clanbase Eurocup lan finals. I remember odb now zooming in on some girl’s ass and interviewing the CS players while taking the piss out of them and Polosaity's unique style where he played with the keyboard on his lap and his death stare. I remember Sujoy on channel 4's big breakfast. Fatality owning it up. The competitiveness between UNR and 4K. There just seemed to be so much going on back then.

I believed at the time that no other game could top Q3, especially with the community and coverage at the time. CPL / Clanbase Eurocup / Barrysworld etc. Also the wide variety of crazy mods catered for everyone’s needs. I remember a mod called weapons factory arena, that was a good laugh, freeze tag, ra3 etc etc. Unfortunately a game created on id's Q2 engine was Q3's nemesis and that continued to grow stronger. As it did Q3 was dropped by the CPL and Clanbase Eurocup came to an end, leagues began to disappear and so did the community. After that period I left the Q3 scene in the 2002 summer time because the scene dried up and me and my team achieved our goals. Also 80% of the team had other commitments university, wife and kids etc. I think I was kind of lucky to play for only 1 clan and stick with them for 2 years. We had a good variety of guys in the team. It was a mix of young and old.

Now to the present I don’t think I’ll have anywhere the experience I had with Q3 in Q4, purely because it was a completely new to me then. Even downloading, chatting on mIRC etc that was new to me. Also the bunch of guys I played with, I doubt they’ll ever be replaced. I don’t think there are any places like or wireplay any longer? That was an excellent idea at the time, you could just chat with your friends, meet new people. Go into a room and launch a game of Q3.

It makes me think that a lot of people will probably have a similar experience with Q4.
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