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Diabotical will fail unless... (60 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 13:35 CDT, 1 August 2020 - iMsg
I really enjoy Diabotical however its going to fail unless the community aspects of the game become much more addictive and easy to grow.

I remember back in the day playing on servers for hours in q1/q2/q3.

The reason I would stay on a server and keep playing was the 'community' aspect of it.

Servers were packed with people spectating and talking shit about the people playing.

Diabotical needs to make itself feel like a community of people IN THE LOBBY before choosing a game mode or activity.

Ok so THIS is my idea and may or may not be feasible but it is how Diabotical should work.

In Counterstrike there are certain servers you join to buy and sell goods for csgo skin trading.

This server is used for trading and can hold a shitton of people.

Traders have to meet on this server so they can see the skins they are buying in game so people use it to meet up. *like a lobby of a MMORPG*

There are "portals/doors" that people can walk into and have their own privacy.

Diabotical should function this way. There should be servers with 32 players that act as the 'Lobby' where people can meet up and chat and also strafe around and such.

On the servers you have portals to go into the arena of choice. A bunch of you can just decide ok guys we have 8 ppl right now waiting to play, lets go into the TDM portal and then they do it and it warps them into a game. After the TDM game finishes, they rejoin the lobby which already has a lot of people waiting and chilling and they can pick another portal to go into.

This would build a 'community' inside diabotical that it truely needs to survive.

You can also use it to just chill and strafe jump around on the servers without doing anything.

This would be the exact same 'feel' that rocket arena 3 gave us when we had those huge maps and the individual 1v1 or 2v2 maps.

Diabotical NEEDS the community feeling to survive

Also heres another idea for the 'community' idea.

I remember a long time ago on they had a Lobby system. So it was a webpage that had multiple square icons that acted like seperate rooms. In the lobby it showed all of them from each region and which people were waiting inside it to start the game.

You can view and create and launch any mode from inside the rooms and invite anyone into it and play in that room for hours with your friends if you so choose.

You would be able to see the list of people who are trying to play the game on the lefthand side like IRC and click and invite them to your lobby.

It also had universal chat. It was good because it gave you a sense that you can invite people to play right away and see the player health of the game and reassure you that there are people playing.

You get to meet new people and add them to your friends list and can co-ordinate with them when to play even if the player health of the game is bad.

I don't want any reason to quit Diabotical the game. I want to just have it launched and be able to interact with all players that also have it loaded.

Basically built in IRC/Discord. Just filter the fuck out of the chat.
Create Diaboticals OWN words and vernacular.
Have a list of taunts/swear words created for diabotical for people to smack talk others if they so choose.

So even kids can get into it without having real world harmful effects.

Also sell Graffiti (like csgo sprays) so you can customize your slogan/smack talk and spray paint it on the maps

More ideas:

So in game modes where teammates quit and you are left with 4v3 or 3v2. There needs to be TWO things that can happen.

1) If the game was close then you need to have AUTOSPEC the lowest/worst player on the team that has more people.

1b) If the team score is not close then a 'Bot' AI should join the game on the loser side so that they dont feel too bad and the game can finish.

There were bots in quake3 that could strafe jump and fight really well.Spiterbot was the name

I used to play single player with this fucker and he used to do bridge 2 rail in 1 fucking hop like a bitch.

Another idea are frag movies INSIDE the game.

The ability to cut/paste a frag you did while playing from some demo format and then be able to create a frag movie and share it.


This will help people get more interested in the game and they will gravitate to it.

For the dodge button:

I haven't used it at all since it feels abnormal however i think I have an idea on how to make it proper for diabotical.

It should be a Dive Kick.

You use it in air not to double jump, but to immediately get downward force as if you are in gravity. This means you can jump and then dive kick another location (angled left/right/forward/back) to stop ur jump from being long in order to juke guys leading or trying to hit you with rockets.

This may or may not work using jumppad/ being in the air - depends on testing and how people react to it.

I can already see myself using it to fake jump attack people and dive back down.

Another idea is for the dodge to become grapple.

1 Grapple to launch yourself and cooldown would be 10 seconds or so. Grapple serves as a very fun mechanic to basically dodge or attack very quickly. It was extremely fun to do in q1 ctf.

The gameplay would be boosted because the grapple is only 1 shot with a big cooldown. It won't be abused and will add an extra element of fighting which has already been purely explored with quakelive/q3.
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Diabotical likes/dislikes/ideas (26 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 17:39 CDT, 18 March 2020 - iMsg
Hi bros.

Just giving my review of diabotical.

my history:
q1 Netquake and quakeworld player
q2 Ra2 player
Q3 osp/cpma/ra3 player
Quakelive player

Q4 skipped
Quake Champions skipped

I like diabotical but here are some ideas because it doesnt have that genuine satisfying frag feeling that you get from other quakes.

So in diabotical the rocket launcher is too central to the game. There are people who just rush you down and rocket jump on you because LG and rail arent scary anymore.

The fights are not smooth or calculated. In other quakes you can predict if you are going to win a fight depending on how the fight is progressing.

Example: Quake 1 you get the first lg lock and you and your enemy both know oh shit he got me. So your enemy will pull out rocket to try to bounce you and break your lg lock. You know this nigga will try to do that so when he pulls out rocket - you also pull it out and rocket him first. You started the lg lock on him first so you can predict he will die.

In diabotical no fights feel planned, the damages seem random and the weapons dont feel like balanced.

Another example is Quake 3. So the same situation you get the first lg lock on your enemy. Enemy goes oh shit, pulls out rocket then pops you up and then finishes you with rail. The lg lock damage was mitigated because the rocket and rail combo damage did enough so that the enemy can actually survive and turn the tables on you.

In diabotical the weapons are too weak that you can only come back from the fight when losing using rockets or shotgun.

There is no feeling of planning a battle. The phrase using the best gun in the correct situation doesnt work well anymore since rocket is actually the best gun for all situations now.

If you want it like quake 1, then you need shaft to be stronger to compete and rail to not be shit.

Also I really dislike the weebow. Fuck this weapon.It really needs to go as its not a satisfying weapon. Maybe once in a while you get a really nice frag from long distance but in instagib its NOT satisfying. Instagib satisfying is having a 20 rail streak of 1 shots destroying everyone in your way. Especially instactf grabbing the flag and just god moding every fuck that comes at you. Weebow is shit.People also play instagib to train their rail for other modes.

I need RA3 style maps for large CA games. 2v2 is ok.
I need Threewave CTF.
I need OSP team deathmatch.
I need spacectf.

I do like the smoke grenades/slow grenade.

I hate the purple grenade that shit does nothing, make it longer and have it for CTF so you can slow some asshole strafing god.

I hate the explosion grenade that bounces you up. Doesnt do enough, it should feel like a grenade+rocket combo and really make niggas fly in the air for lulz.

Weapon ideas:
The rocket launcher should be slower with more bounce and pop up effect.Also in quake i used to be able to judge an incoming rocket, jump over its splash on purpose to propel me into the enemy and use it against him. In diabotical it isnt possible to use these tactics as the splash isnt strong enough and consistent enough to propel me in the way i want. It was a sick tactic to do when you had a sweet lg lock. Now it dont work.

The grenade should be fast as fuck with same reload time but faster than rocket and arched. In Quake 1 you would use grenade upclose to direct niggas because of its speed, only rockets to bounce. Imagine popping up a kid with rocket bounce and then hitting him with a fast as fuck grenade direct.SATISFYING.

LG needs either cripple or increased knockback, get these fucks outta my face. LG locks and battles would be more intense if cripple intensifies depending on your accuracy. 30% lg = some cripple, 40%lg a lot of cripple and knockback. anything higher and you fucked. However to beat that i'd do rocket at you and then rail/grenade/shotgun.

Shotgun needs more consistent damage and to destroy fucks up close.

Rail needs to be strong again, none of this 60 damage shit. Give me 100 damage rail. To compete with some asshole trying to cripple shaft or rocketjump on me.

I do like the dodge movement, will help for ctf moves.
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Most satisfying Quake mods, moments and mechanics (16 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 04:39 CDT, 19 July 2017 - iMsg
Hey guise, I thought we should compile all the most satisfying parts of our Quaking experience from each and every Quake that we've played. (I never played q4, looked shit)

This way we can bounce ideas off of ourselves and maybe try to help Quake champions find a good mod/game play mechanic in order for it to not suck balls.

Quake 1 best mods
-Q-ball mod, explained before in some threads, basically sacrifice without the obelisks.
- Rocket Arena 1. Full health, self damage 1v1 with all weapons on tiny maps with the start down timer.
- Quake 1 TDM
- Quake 1 CTF with grapple

Quake 1 satisfying moments
- Water discharge trick. In quake 1 you could actually shoot lg from the water if you synced it when surfacing. It was a neat trick and hard to pull off but it would be stylish as fuck to kill people in this way.
-air rockets and juggling people with lg in the air.
-rocket jumping around maps
- direct grenades (grenades felt amazing)
- quad damage ssg / lg
-sick grapple ctf runs

Quake 2 mods (only played ra2 :<)
Rocket arena 2

Quake 2 satisfying moments
-tossing a hand grenade at a mofo and watching them explode
-running down kids with chaingun
-double jumping on random shit during fights with people

Quake 3 mods
OSP TDM (the balance was legit)
SPACECTF (q3ctf4 and other space maps)

Quake 3 satisfying moments
-camping ctf4 with railgun all game (im a cunt)
-defrag maps
-plasma kills / plasma trick jumps during games
-topshots at the end of maps with you as the leader
-sick flick rails and air rockets
-quad lg

Quake Live Mods
Team arena ctf (runes)
Clan arena
regular CTF

Quake Live satisfying moments
-Using damage rune + like 20 mines on 1 ambush place in a ctf map and having niggas explode
-taking the armor regen rune and just lg beasting everyone on a map while camping health spawns
-everyone coordinated in a ctf match
-head stomping kids on jump pad in clan arena
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Quake Champions Siege mode for eSports? (2 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 21:05 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg

not my idea but I love this fucking idea so much, i started beating off while watching the video.

This would be fucking fun, just like old days playing quake 1 co-op.
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How I'd run a Country. (24 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 03:09 CDT, 6 September 2015 - iMsg
From time to time I like to test my sanity. I'm seeing a lot of crazy shit in the world, which is making me post this. Am I the crazy one? Or do I make sense? Pls tell me.

If I were a dictator and ran a country, this is what I'd do:

To Legalize
-Marijuana would be cultivated,taxed and regulated like alcohol.
-Prostitution would be run by the government. You'd have premium/clean whores to choose from for a decent price.
-Assisted suicide is encouraged and not frowned upon

On Crime
-murderers caught on surveillance video + DNA evidence would be executed immediately
-Drunk drivers and Hit and run drivers that kill someone and get convicted get mandatory sentences of 10 years in jail, no parole. You serve the full fucking 10 years.
-Pedophiles that commit rape/kidnap children are executed
-People with mental health issues that commit murder are executed*

*fuck the insanity plea, you insane? Ok fuck off and die. There's too many normal people around, we don't need to rehabilitate you.

On children
-People would need a license to breed. It is determined by how much $ you make. If you make enough $ by yourself than you can even be a single parent. If you break this rule, you get sterilized, kid gets taken away and you need to pay money owed to the state.
-Homosexuals are glorified and encouraged. We try to make this popular to curve the fucking population growth. However if two homos get together, they are only allowed to adopt children. No in vitro bullshit or surrogate mother bullshit. You are gay = no genetic offspring comes from you, fuck that.
- Pre-natal screening for all women. If the child you are carrying is genetically a hunchback or downy/autistic and we can tell. Then it is aborted. It would only be a drain on society and on yourself. It is not needed.
- People with aids/easily transmittable diseases are quarantined to a specific area and are encouraged to live together. However if you are spreading that shit to normals, then you are executed.

On jobs
--at age 10 everyone on the planet takes a fucking exam, only the smartest kids that pass this exam are allowed to live
-at age 18 everyone again does another couple of exams
- the top 10% in smarts become the world leaders
-the next 20/30% are placed into occupations determined by various exams that pinpoint their strong suits and are left in charge of the remaining population.
- the lower half of the society (the less smart crowd) are only allowed to have 1 child depending on their income and status.

-Veterans that fight for my country are supplied with free prostitution and Marijuana for life. (limit on how often you fuck a bitch though and only enough weed to smoke, not try to sell)
- Fine for not picking up after your dogs. The $ goes to whoever takes video evidence of you and reports you. Not the police. Now everyone will police you and your fucking dog to get $.
-Police wear body cameras at all times and the video footage is reviewed daily by an independent public body. All videos are saved to a library where anyone can access the footage.
-Fat shaming is encouraged. We all need to let off some stress from time to time. It is better than being racist/homophobic because fat people come from all races and are much more annoying. I'd like to make my country filled with fit people so that they use less of our free health care. So fuck off fatties.
-Health care is provided to all and is free
-Bums will not be tolerated. You will be given 3 chances by the government. If you are unable to hold the government appointed position (low wage but livable) then you will be exiled from the country.
-Immigrants are decided by profession and wealth. You are evaluated by an equal from my country and if you are deemed worthy, then you and your immediate family are accepted.
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Posted by jamalz @ 09:30 CDT, 26 July 2015 - iMsg
I have an idea. We need a dedicated site to quake tournaments. It will be completely spoiler free.

People would round up all the demos and put them into a multiple part youtube video series. Game by game, round by round.

Of course the streamed games would have casting, but the people in charge would youtube every single game of a tournament in order from start to finish.

Now, someone who wants to watch the quake tournament will not watch it like, they will wait 2-3 days (avoiding esr/quakelive) in order to be fresh and unspoiled.

They will then head to this site which is completely spoiler free and then watch all the demos in a youtube series (with comments disabled)

I believe this way, you can get the FULL amount of games and enjoyment from a quake tournament. Because most other gaming sites and people don't even know what quake is, so you wont be spoilered by some random faggot.

I have missed some tournaments and then watched the whole vod and enjoyed myself immensely.

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Religion is obvious bullshit right? (137 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 20:30 CDT, 18 July 2015 - iMsg
So i'm on a date with this extremely hot Indian chick and we're at dinner and talking about some shit. And she brings up her religion and im not a really religious nigga, like I know the names of the fucking religions but I don't know jack shit about em. So she's like telling me what she eats and her prayers and what she can and cant do. So im trying to be interested but its so boring so I try to change the subject and she's like. "oooh am I boring you or something, i'm really religious so if you aren't going to even learn about my culture then this isn't going to work'

anddddddddddddddd im like ok and I get up, grab my jacket and get the fuck on. Left her ass at the table.

But for real here's my question.

Is it not obvious that all religions are bullshit? Like fo real son.

Shit is simple logic. Just go back like centuries to early times when a large group of niggas be living together. I mean even before laws.

To get a civilized group of individuals to play nice, isn't that why niggas tricked each other so that they wouldn't kill each other and shit?

Like if i were a normal mofo in the jungle and met some other mofos i'd want to kill n steal their women or whatever. But if some people were like 'Wait stranger, the gods of the land will look at you and smite you' and then they pointed to some Lava or some fucking thunder and lightning' i would SHIT MYSELF and then obey them and play nice with everyone.

I mean way back when tribes were tiny, everyone was segregated, which is why we have a fuck ton of religions all over the place.

Now that we are kind of all connected. I'm pretty sure that religion should fuck off and die and Laws should be created for the whole world to follow.

Just think of this shit. If we had like 2-3 world wars that decimated a ton of our technology and then fast forwarded 2000 years into the future. I fucking bet anyone that the religion of that time would be like Superman. Niggas would be praying to superman from planet krypton to save them from their woes and shit.

fucking guarantee it
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* N U K E D * (9 comments, locked)
Posted by Nuked User @ 06:21 CST, 19 November 2014 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

Maxtill tempered glass gaming mousepad (79 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 16:14 CDT, 27 April 2013 - iMsg

Has anyone ever tried this shit? It's from korea. I'm wondering if it can stand up to the icemat or if its even better?

It's called the 'G' pad...
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NEW DUEL IDEA !!!!!!!!!! (89 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 06:41 CDT, 29 October 2012 - iMsg
I have a new* duel idea for quake or deathmatch dueling in general.

It is a mix of CA and duel based on round limits.

Firstly there are 3 rounds of 5 minute duels.

If you win 2 rounds you win the match.

The rounds are all the same as normal duel, however at 5 minutes both of you respawn and play the next round, but the scores stay as they were. So if you are 5-0 in score for the first round. The second round starts and both of you respawn but it is still 5-0 in score.

This is to give a fresh start and the down player can get map control.

Now this would SUCK to have the round start over when the down player already has map control and is owning and making a comeback, so an icon pops up and they can choose to have the next round be a respawn or keep playing without a respawn for both players. This is because the down player already lost 1 round (first 5 minutes) If they make a come back at 10 minutes, then they play another 5 minutes (tie breaker) depends on the down player this time choosing a respawn round or just to play straight through.

Now if the scores are tied in the first round, then it will be a normal 10 minute game.

Basically this is so the down player can have more of a chance to get map control and has more decisions on how to play each 5 minutes of the game.

I've seen way too many comebacks on a roll that stop short because of time constraints and too many games that have been decided by the first spawn on the map.

There will be a lot of psychological plays based on this, like if you are up 5-4 and don't want a respawn on the map because you know all the timings and the enemy doesn't so you jump into the lava to make it 4-4 and the game becomes 10 minutes only.

Or if you are tied and you let the enemy frag you, so you can be the down player and then respawn both players because you were losing map control and had no idea on the timings.

what you guys think?
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Posted by jamalz @ 05:14 CDT, 17 May 2012 - iMsg



IMAGINE THIS SHIT, DO A TRAP ON ENEMY FOR 100 DAMAGE AND YOU GET HIS HEALTH, OH SNAP SON. Powerups still matter cuz it isn't a straight conversion of health, but now traps and +forward play will work!

IS YOUR MIND BLOWN ???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Re: Disgusting foods ... that you love. (45 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 11:46 CST, 10 January 2012 - iMsg
barbecue Chicken feet - fucking delicious son
Vienna sausages covered with strawberry jam on toast - $$$$$$$
tuna + mayonnaise + ketchup on rice - could eat this every day all day
tomato baked beans + imitation crab - delicious, cook this bitch for 3-4 minutes in the microwave
sardines + crackers - easy son
sliced bread covered with butter dipped into hot chocolate - absolute money nigga

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Balanced Battle-Bot The Saviour of QL (22 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 13:39 CDT, 30 September 2011 - iMsg
A long time ago I used to play spacectf on a particular server in baseq3. Now when we were owning the shit out of the other team so much that they disconnected, a bot would connect automatically and join the other team to make the player numbers even.

Even if there were specs on the server but didn't join the team, this bot would come in and join to make it even, if specs joined the same team to make it uneven, he would spectate and disconnect himself.

This is what we needed for quakelive since the start. I didn't want to mention it because to actually create this type of bot (the ways I will specify) would be a lot of work and we know how lazy id is. However since sirax/srz are doing so much work for them, maybe someone could code this bot for id.

-This bot would automatically be able to change his skill lvl (icanwin/nightmare etc) during the game.
- The bot would time items and powerups
- The bot would be able to follow the yellow triangles for teammates in game

Freezetag and insta could be balanced too but it'd be the same as mentioned above. These intelligent bots + my other thread for saving quakelive are the best I can think of. The rest lies with id/sirax/szr and the rest of the community to follow through.
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In depth Step by Step revival for QLive. (140 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 03:06 CDT, 19 July 2011 - iMsg

Anything i miss? Anything you want to add? This is how i'd go about fixing QuakeLive.

tl;dr = fy;ga (fuck you, go away)

[If anyone wants to make the language professional/neat or re-arrange shit, just imsg me everything corrected and i'll just paste it over, i cba to type like a nerd]
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The Truth (40 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 07:50 CDT, 17 July 2011 - iMsg
The truth

Racists. Yo.. we're all fucking racists and filled with hate. Shit is how we are built son, it's survival of the fittest man. Some races and people have things i don't got, so i hate em. Simple as that. Yea society and shit is all interconnected and race relations n shit is all uppity but man, fuck that shit. I don't exactly hate any race, but i am weary of some motherfuckers.

Chinks? fuck man, i hate you guys and your English accents, shit makes me lol every time, then i feel bad cuz you is serious and here i am laughing at a bitch. Come on man fix your shit. Also stop that karate shit, that shit aint gonna work if you 5 feet nothing, 100 pounds, rofl.

Indians? fuck off man. they keep calling me asking for surveys n trying to sell me shit. You know how hard it is to get a indian off the phone? sonofabitch. fuck you butcher

mexicans? yooo fuck man mexicans all want to fight me for some reason man, just fucked up. i look like i can fight cuz im a typical huge black guy but i cant hit shit, had to give some wetbacks my weed cuz they wanted to start shit outside a club once, fuck so angry, too much fucking beans n rice or something, we supposed to be brothas fighting against oppression from the white man

whities? man we cool and shit until it comes to money n women, then shit be all weird. yoyoyo its mostly envy brah. you fear my big black cock. anything else you can rationalize. white woman and a chink? he got money or is smart. white woman and fat guy? hes obviously fucking rich. white woman and unemployed black guy... yea son. 9 inches. You can buy a fast car, get some plastic surgery to look like tom hanks, shower her in bling and $$$ but you never gonna get a bigger cock than that black guy. that's a fact son, deal with it.

yea i forgot to mention women. yo, i love ALL WOMEN son, don't give a fuck what race, as long as tha bitch be hot, i'll be all up in dat shit, ya herd? dont even give a fuck if shes an alien bitch, green with 3 vaginas, i'll fuck em all and her ass for good measure.


oooh forgot to mention gays. gays? we cool, just don't touch me. but seriously gays in the military? you know the reason ppl don't like that shit? ill tell u here. its cuz if ur in the military with fags you are like terrified this fucker will get you killed man. think about it, gays love rainbows n shoes and shit. whats he really gonna do when he has to kill some bitches? slicing throats shooting 20 ppl with an ak-47, nah son he won't do that shit, he'll be skipping down the front line like a bitch trying to get my ass killed, fuck that noise. also if i get shot and i need a blood transfusion, this fag is gonna give me aids, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. if we actually hated gays we'd send them all into the military to afghanistan to get killed, seriously, gays wanna go die? FUCK YEA SEND EM ALL, but its a diff view son. its like if you train a gay man to incapacitate/kill other men, then they are like man rapists. we just created a rapists for other men, this shit is whack.

lesbos/women in the army? nobody gives a shit, of course people don't want em there either cuz they might get them killed n shit using the gay man reference of them being weak, but some bitches be scary son. fucking hoes lying to your face 'hows your breakfast honey, after she just sucked the mailmans dick' you kiss her on the lips, shit your chapstick is so salty baby. fuck, don't get me started on that shit where the bitch spread her legs for like 25 guys and then say ur the father then u find out that shit aint yours but the judge says pay support anyway, wtf man. fuck that shit NO DNA = NO PAY, could choke a bitch for that shit. god damn

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meh............. (26 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 20:00 CDT, 29 June 2011 - iMsg
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Could someone test my config? (82 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 09:46 CDT, 19 April 2011 - iMsg
The general consensus seems to be its custom fitted for my personal aim/style and liking. Which makes me sad as i hoped it would help the aim for a lot of ppl. I can't track shit when i play vs keel, he's too fucking small and playerlean on for him makes me not able to track him or even strafe with him, even on 90 fov.

Any tweaks to this cfg = im shit aim in quake. Which confuses me...

Anyway thanks for all the replies, even if they are full of arrogant fucks that don't know what feedback or testers do.
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Quake 3/live revival...? (40 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 03:39 CDT, 16 March 2011 - iMsg
Did you ever think this was possible?

I watched Toxjq/stermy/linkin/gopher play tdm a few days ago.
I watched fatal1ty pwn some noobs in CA.
I watched cooller(old school) vs new school rapha in the finals of ESL.

I watched ZeRo4/ chaoticz/clock/czm play in a tournament online.

All of these old pros and new pros are playing together at the same goddamn time.

This is just UNREAL.

We are only missing fox to comeback to tdm. And possibly uNkind/socrates.

I believe there are a couple things needed for quakelive to actually cement itself for a long term competitive game like counterstrike.

Things ID can do.
#1 Lan servers. Fucking seriously
#2 Ladders, competition makes people care. Caring = practice. Practice = more contenders for the crown = more epic tournaments and spectators will care.
#3. More maps - toss out the old, in with the new
#4 Optimization for old computers and laptops. Ql should run easy on these pieces of shit so we can get more users playing quake.
#5 Make freezetag free + fix the goddamn mode
#6 Make capturestrike premium, CA + flags = fun enough for ppl to pay for, imo.

Tournaments we need:
NEED ESL to keep quakelive
NEED MLG to pick up quakelive

If we get those 2 then we can sway WCG/ESWC if quakelive pulls in some crowds there.

Get WCG/ESWC and we are safe for a while.

This would be my map for quakelive for the next 6 months.

Anyone agree/disagree want to add?
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Crosshairs for Specific weapons? (33 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 20:19 CST, 9 March 2011 - iMsg
I've played quake for a long time and followed the rules of configs by following pro players, since they seem to copy themselves too.

(osp tdmers and their tankjr and fov 100s, duelers with their 110fov and keel models back in the day etc)

Anyway i've always had beastly aim but not all the time. Sometimes lg, sometimes rail, sometimes rockets.

Usually I use 1 crosshair for all guns, cross 7 (+) and i think it works well since i use the circle for diff guns and + for others, however for rail, rocket,lg.

I've found something weird.

If im railing well, 55+ acc my rockets and lg suck. If im lging 40+, my rail and rockets suck.

If my hitscan is off, then my rockets are doing insane juggles and air rox.

I believe it is because I aim these guns totally diff. For rockets i use the bottom part of my crosshair lower (+) and aim at diff part of enemy model.

LG i use the sides of (+) and aim ahead to keep track of them and just dodge their lg.

And for rail I use inner (+) of the crosshair and wait till they walk into my cross to hit them.

Now since nearly all guns are aimed differently. I have now switched to a diff crosshair for each weapon, and it seems to be working.

When i switch guns now, i get into another state of mind depending on which gun I have, and 'feel' the crosshair, as if knowing how to aim to hit 100% potential with that crosshair and weapon. Instead of remembering where to aim with my (+) crosshair for each gun.

This enables me to become more stable with each gun and aim consistently with it. So far I'm beasting with these changes. And think some of you that are inconsistent with your aim, might benefit from doing the same thing.

(also i think this is why cooller has more consistent aim now, since he does a cross for each gun)

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The real reason why most duelers suck (161 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 10:31 CST, 6 December 2010 - iMsg
The real reason people suck at duel is their practice regime.

It's like this - two middle skilled duelers join a server.

a) they have 1 close game - 1 says gg, other says luck/fag/wasn't trying/hack/cheat/phone (insert excuse) and leaves
b) They play 2-3 games at most - the loser says gg and leaves
c) They play all aim or all rush -> becomes a stupid fucking worthless game
d) They play a tense game -> winner says something about almost losing to a shitty newb fag -> disconnects
f) They say 'stop aliasing' or go play your own tier and disconnect [In warmup or 1-2 minutes into the game]

This is fucking retarded.

Online duel matches are all practice. Every single loss/win means nothing.

Look at Rapha/Cooller/Cypher/Toxjq and how they practice.

Rapha: Plays as solidly as if he were playing on lan vs someone dangerous, but does so versus ANYBODY. This means he won't overly rush or punish people for newb mistakes, because he is making sure 'HIS' own game is not affected or changed, he is not playing off of his opponents style. $$$$$$$

Toxjq: Plays lower skilled people (middle tier, not too pro) trying to control them with his aim alone - making showish shots and trying ridiculous things on them in game, then testing these things on pros to see if it will work on them too. Rinse + repeat

Cypher: Picks 1 map and practices it vs anybody that enters the server. He trys to not die at all versus them, which means he won't rush or overly defend, he will pick the right time and weapons for his attacks that will give him maximum damage to his opponent and take 0 damage for himself.

Cooller: Plays anyone and everyone on any map they want. He plays in control or gives you control depending on what he is practicing. Usually he tries to re-take control from people since he knows this is the major skill of quakelive. How to take back control with 10 minute time limits vs superior aimers. Even if he loses he doesn't care too much (unless it was all aim loss) But he still gets back on the horse and plays the guy again countless times trying whatever strategy he thinks will work well.

This is the fundamental flaw of NA quake duel scene since they are already a very tiny community, they won't play enough of each other to reach higher skill levels like over in Europe. They care too much about online wins/ disputes with other duelers / reputation about winning/losing etc.

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Ammo system and weapon control? (18 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 10:38 CST, 5 December 2010 - iMsg
I love to control weapons, but shit is everywhere and respawns too fast.

How about:

You take a fresh rl spawn and it gives you 10 rockets. Every time you take the RL you get 1 rocket only.

For ammo, you need the actual ammo boxes.

Here is the catch, you can't take ammo boxes unless you have the weapon that you need ammo for.

So for the guy with the rockets, he actually needs to search these ammo boxes out - getting RL spawn won't do shit for him.

This gives the guy without the rocket, a way to get rocket launcher while the other guy goes for rocket ammo, or he can camp rl ammo waiting for the guy.

Killing a player and having him drop the weapon, gives you 10 rockets from that, so people wouldn't want to die with the gun out - like oldschool tdm

Drop weapon is disabled for duel servers. ;D

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For the LULZ (6 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 15:00 CST, 28 November 2010 - iMsg
Just realized that many have not seen this series, its called 'Just for Laughs, Gags'

It's a french canadian prank/gag show that shows a lot on comedy channel in canada.

It's fucking hilarious. Seriously

These are good for a laugh or to waste time since quake is down.

Here are some of my favorite clips, there are TONS of these.

^ for full eps

Forgive me if this is actually old and known to everyone everywhere etc.
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A m_filter question. (49 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 01:26 CST, 15 November 2010 - iMsg
Why does:

Use m_filter 1?

It seems all the guys that have super accel use m_filter 1, while strenx/stermy and those others that dont use accel use m_filter 0.

My guess is:

Because they use the new mouses with like 3200 dpi and 1000hz mouse poll, that when using m_filter 1 it just halves the dpi and smooths out the mouse, so they still have enough dpi/polling to aim perfectly, but the m_filter makes every tiny movement with the mouse exactly the same, so it feels consistent.

This is probably not the reason, but if it ain't im curious, why do they use it? (don't say habit, i've seen their configs with 0 mfilter before, but they changed it to 1 now)
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Quakelive Hack Drama Episode 112 (61 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 01:37 CDT, 7 November 2010 - iMsg
Apparently some random named "Imitated" smashed walter in a few duels, but he believes he is a hacker.

Walter called him out, and lost a few games to him by large margins. Then the guy loses to a scrub in the next match. Afterwards walter smashes the scrub 27-0 or some ridic score.

The accused uploaded his demos of the walter ownage to mediafire for people to judge.

Likewise an avi was uploaded to youtube where this guy is AFK and shooting rockets at people and hitting them as if he forgot to turn off his bot.

And this is his reply to that..

He's eating a sandwich and aiming ...

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Weapon Specific Armors [NEED INPUT/HELP] (20 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 18:02 CDT, 27 September 2010 - iMsg
This idea would help Quake grow in terms of strategy and style and make games way more interesting.

I am thinking about weapon specific armors. What I mean by this is on certain maps there would be armors that would block damage of certain weapons more than other weapons.

My first example will be DM6.

For DM6 the main weapons are Rocket/Rail/Lightninggun.

Rockets are the primary Damage weapon and LG is a really good opener and finisher.

Rail is a good comeback weapon and pressuring weapon to keep the lead.

Now with my Weapon Specific Armors the Red Armor would become 100 ROCKET ARMOR. It will still absorbs other weapon damage but not as much as it would absorb them if you had 100 Regular Armor. If the enemy uses LG/Rail or other guns the damage would be quite strong.

The YA will become 50 Lightning Gun Armor (main absorption is LG). Now Lightning gun Armor becomes very important, since you can't just leave it and opt for the 100 Rocket Armor since LG is a big weapon on the map too, so if your enemy gets 2 LG Armors, he will have 100 LG Armor and if you get into a LG battle with him (same accuracy and you only have mega/Rocket Armor) you would probably lose.

This flips the game completely in terms of which armors to get and what weapons to use versus the enemy.

This will mean:

- Plasma/Shotgun/MachineGun/Gauntlet damages on DM6 are more efficient vs armored opponents because the armors are centered around LG/Rocket/Rail so the other weapons can become viable to use.

- The enemy can plan ambushes based around which armor you have. [Rocket traps for LG armor and vice versa]

- Certain weapons are really powerful depending on which armors the enemy has. If rail does 60 damage on 100 Regular Armor, it would do 90 damage vs 100 Rocket Armor.

- If you are playing Strenx, he will want LG Armors to force LG battles. Which is 1 strategy. Or he will take Rocket Armors and then fight you with LG, so that you can't use rockets on him to win, and even if you have LG armor, his accuracy is insane and will own you.

-Having 100 Rocket Armor means it is easier to Rocket Jump around because of less self rocket damage taken, and this makes chasing people when time is low, much easier.

ZTN Example

RA = 100 Rocket Armor
The Rocket Yellow= 50 LG Armor
The plasma yellow = 50 Rail Armor

Now plasma yellow (50 Rail Armor) becomes very important if you were playing killsen

Grabbing Rocket Armor to fight cypher means a lot.

Grabbing LG Armor means more when playing strenx

The game becomes very dynamic and very interesting.

Last example AEROWALk

RA= 100 Rocket Armor
YA = 50 RAIL Armor
Tele GA = 25 Rocket Armor
Other GA = 25 RAIL Armor

I need feedback and help because I don't know what damages weapons do when people have full armor/mega.
(Shards give normal armor protection)

Armor stacking is confusing, so if someone does math they can do it or use quake 1 system of losing armors first and then going into health
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Multi-Mode Servers for Quakelive (6 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 05:49 CDT, 11 September 2010 - iMsg
I think the way to help QuakeLive grow and succeed would be to somehow incorporate different modes onto the servers.

If you look at RA3 for the main example. RA3 servers were mostly 16 player limits but some had 32 players and even 64 players.

And these would actually fill up quite quickly.

The reason for this is that there were many arenas in one single map of RA3 with vote able options for each arena. This is a main factor of why RA3 was so popular.

You could play the Large CA with 8v8 being fine, or join the smaller arenas, 3 of them in fact. You could vote 2v2 or whatever weapons you wanted for the arenas.

This made it so the server itself felt sort of like an MMO game. You get bored of large ca? Just go to arena1 for some 1v1 action, simple and fun.

Use the world chat to talk smack with each other then play. When you joined an RA3 server you had lots of options and you didn't need to go anywhere else.

I think if its even possible that QuakeLive needs to follow this style.
They tried it in quake4 with duels, but that just failed. (quake4 sux)

The reason for these multi-mode arenas on servers are as follows; people would not ragequit anymore, they would ragespec and then join in on another game in another arena, this means more servers would stay populated and attract other players.

The people that came to play CTF might get bored and try TDM, same with largeFFA and normal or the ones that came for freezetag and then they try capturestrike, since its right there on the same server, might as well. Then they fall in love with the mode.

I think the modes that should go together are as follows.

Each arena (where the mode is played) on the server has its own vote able options/settings and map(dont ask me how)

Capture The Flag + Team Death Match
CTF is immensely popular and TDM is not, the reason is that it is hard to get the correct skilled people to join a TDM, now when a CTF match is finished. The good players from CTF might just start a pickup match in the TDM arena, which would be pretty easy to do, since you know who is good/bad from the ctf match.

And CTF is always populated, so TDM games would become more frequent too.

Clan Arena

CA would become exactly like RA3 (1 large arena, 3 small). There is no change needed, RA3 was very good.

You join a server that has 3 duels going on simultaneously, like the quake 4 shit, except just 3, other specs are lined up in the various arenas and watching them. 16 player server so people are always in and chatting about shit.

FFA would have 3 Arena's like CA but just FFA (1 Large arena and 2 small ones) You could pick which one you want to play, the large arena would be 150 frag limit+ a huge map, the small would be normal FFA with 50 limit

The last 2 modes that are premium only. These are special strategical modes, but very newb friendly. I think they go well together.

Instigib FFA arena + Instigib CTF + Instigib TDM all on one server. They won't get bored here, easy to start all kinds of insta games.

Thoughts? Is this even feasible?

EDIT: Just thought up a 'new' mode lololol
it's called RUN

It's a defrag mode, but you have 5 arenas on the server.
The server is set to 1 defrag map or ctf map.
It is the same map for all arenas
Each arena only allows 1 person
A countdown starts, 3-2-1, RUN!, now you RACE in the arenas to the end of the map.
The 'ghosting' of players is shown (or a simple blinking thing, so you can see if they are ahead/behind you)
arena 1 sees ghosts from arena 2-3-4-5.
You can't run into the ghost or be blocked by them, you can only see how they run/ use weapons and items to finish the map.

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QuakeLive Server Crashing Rebellion (35 comments)
Posted by jamalz @ 22:32 CDT, 9 July 2010 - iMsg
A guy named "acrashmaster" has started up a rebellion in quakelive. He and his team of merry fellows have learned of an exploit that crashes servers and is now threatening id software that they will take down servers repeatedly until their demands are met.

"The rebellion will not stop until we have received what we were promised a year ago. We want NEW MAPS, GTV, CLAN SUPPORT FEATURES, PRIVATE SERVERS, AND ALL OF THE STUFF THAT MADE QUAKE3 A GREAT GAME. We will make hundreds of accounts per day and we will destroy your all of your servers until we have received our demands.


So.. do you belong to the rebellion as well? Or are these miscreants doing more harm than good.

Also, can syncerror and his team even fix this exploit? They code at a snails pace and this shit just got hilarious. I'm betting they won't be able to do jackshit.

Read more about this e-drama @
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