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UK vs Porn (40 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 03:09 CDT, 11 October 2011 - iMsg

Subscribers to four of the UK's biggest internet service providers will have to "opt in" if they want to view sexually explicit websites, as part of government-sponsored curbs on online pornography.

The measures will be unveiled on Tuesday as David Cameron hosts No 10 meeting with the Mothers' Union, which earlier this year produced a raft of proposals to shield children from sexualised imagery.

The prime minister is expected to announce other moves in line with the Christian charity's review, such as restrictions on aggressive advertising campaigns and certain types of images on billboards.

There will also be a website, Parentport, which parents can use to complain about television programmes, advertisements, products or services which they believe are inappropriate for children.

The site, which will direct complaints to the regulator dealing with that specific area of concern, is expected to be run by watchdogs including the Advertising Standards Authority, BBC Trust, British Board of Film Classification, Ofcom, Press Complaints Commission, Video Standards Council and Pan European Game Information.

The service providers involved are BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin. Customers who do not opt in to adult content will be unableto access pornographic websites.

Cameron gave strong backing in June to the Mothers' Union proposals after he commissioned a six-month review by the charity's chief executive, Reg Bailey. However, Cameron did not commit to legislation.

Bailey's recommendations included providing parents with one single website to make it easier to complain about any programme, advert, product or service, putting age restrictions on music videos and ensuring retailers offer age-appropriate clothes for children.

Cameron wrote to Bailey in June to thank him for his report. "I very much agree with the central approach you set out," the letter said.

"As you say, we should not try and wrap children up in cotton wool or simply throw our hands up and accept the world as it is. Instead, we should look to put 'the brakes on an unthinking drift towards ever-greater commercialisation and sexualisation'."

Bailey's report asked for government and business to work together on initiatives such as ending the sale of inappropriately "sexy" clothing for young children, for example underwired bras and T-shirts with suggestive slogans.

However, he recommended that if retailers do not make progress on the issue they should be forced to make the changes in 18 months.

those silly wankers.
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Amy Crackhouse dead (110 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 14:36 CDT, 23 July 2011 - iMsg
Most likely due to an overdose.

Continuing the proud tradition of singers who self-destructed at 27.
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HAHA CAPCOM (43 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 14:49 CDT, 20 July 2011 - iMsg

Milking their fighting franchises harder than they did in the 90s. UMvC3 scheduled for release just 8 months after mvc3.
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Game of the forever (18 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 12:00 CDT, 26 May 2011 - iMsg
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new game for rapha to dominate (23 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 12:39 CDT, 27 August 2010 - iMsg

The Time of Judgement Is Now -- The Bible Online MMO Beta

FIAA GmbH announces the first chapter of their online game The Bible Online, the world’s first Bible based browser game. Beta shall begin on the holy day of September 6th. Right. So The Bigle Online is will be released in a series of chapters based on the first book of the bible, the Genesis. Players will take on the role of Abraham and his descendants and have the opportunity to reenact and witness the incidents of their times.

The Bible Online: Chapter 1 – The Heroes is a massively multiplayer online strategy game. As the leader of their tribe, players have to construct their villages, manage recources and the budget. They will have to decide between diplomacy and warfare. However, players do not stay in one place. They will go on a quest to go to the Promised Land. Leading Abram’s tribe from Ur to Haran and finally to Canaan, players and their heroes will face many challenges before reaching their goal.

The game also offers role playing elements. The birth right system introduces Abraham’s successors Isaac and Jacob. Side quests allow users to experience less known stories of the Genesis.

Dr. Alan Kim, president of FiAA GmbH says, “The Bible Online is developed for players of all ages to easily get closer to the Bible, while enjoying the game. The Beta is planned for the 6th of September. We plan to service the game in most of the European languages by the end of the year. We will also develop following chapters to cover all the stories of the Bible.”

Key features of The Bible Online: Chapter 1 – „The Heroes“

* Browser game (MMORTS + RPG) – no installation required
* Environment and quests according to the stories of the Genesis
* Integrated chat system
* Birth Right system: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
* Graphics are made according to the historical investigation of the times of Abraham
* Compatible with all current browsers
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Changelog (45 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 23:49 CDT, 6 August 2010 - iMsg
August 6th Changelog

New Premium Content:

• New gametype - Freeze Tag
• 20 Maps, including:
o 5 Brand New Arenas
o 4 Challenge ProMode Arena Classics
o 3 Threewave CTF Classics
o 3 Q3 Community Contest Maps
o 2 Rocket Arena 3 Classics
o 2 Orange Smoothie Production Map Pak Classics
o 1 Quake Live Community Map

Premium Map Additions:

• Aerowalk (Duel)
• Battleforged (Duel)
• Black Cathedral (CA)
• Cold War (CA)
• Deep Inside (TDM)
• Dismemberment (Duel)
• Dreadful Place (TDM)
• Focal Point (Duel)
• Hektik (Duel)
• Industrial Accident (CTF)
• Intervention (TDM)
• Japanese Castles (CTF)
• Leviathan (TDM)
• Overkill (CA)
• Phrantic (Duel)
• Purgatory (TDM)
• Realm of Steel Rats (TDM)
• Shining Forces (CTF)
• Stonekeep (CTF)
• Theatre of Pain (CA)

Code Updates:

• New clan system support
• Added /block, /unblock, and /blocklist console commands.

o /block name - blocks the player from in-game and website chat (do not include clan in the name)
o /unblock name - blocks the player from in-game and website chat (do not include clan in the name)
o /blocklist - lists currently blocked players

• Abandoned sequentially numbered filenames for maps in favor of actual map names, ie 'qzdm6' is now simply 'campgrounds'
• New console auto-complete code, including the ability to autocomplete map names during console callvotes.
• Auto-complete: demo names if "demo" is the first token.
• Team locator icons are now visible regardless of the PVS, they are now visible throughout the map.
• Team overlay: Background and drop shadow changes.
• Added /print command. Prints a local message on screen. (useful for binds)
• Alias system (example usage below)

o alias +jumpup "say I'm jumping;+moveup"
o alias -jumpup "say I'm landing;-moveup"
o bind ] +jumpup

• Spectating players in duel will now utilize that players model & sound set rather than enemy model & sound.
• Added 'spec pu' cmd to cycle your spectating view between players holding power-ups.
• Added aspect ratio correct crosshairs - crosshairs are no longer squished on widescreen.
• Minimum respawn delay lowered from 2100ms to 2000ms.
• New in-game Ad support
• Battlesuit balance adjustment, no longer prevents splash damage (all damage including splash is still reduced by 75%; you still take no damage from lava; still take no damage from acid/slime; still cannot drown...).
• Map 'author' support added to display level design credit for jointly owned community map additions.

Website Changes:

• Added Standard/Premium/Pro user site functionality, including the ability to purchase account subscriptions or redeem tokens for subscription.
• Most of the site has been revamped or retouched.
• Upgraded to the latest release of our forum package. Revisions to the default forum style will come in a future update.
• Added new pre-login splash page design.
• Added a "Register" button to the top of the pages again, when not logged in.
• Added detection for web client/server getting out of sync with regard to whether they are logged in.
• Added a pre-game interstitial advertisement to 'standard' users that will show when they first launch into game.

Map Changes:
All existing maps have received visual improvements, including ambient occlusion dirt map lighting and true vertexlighting.
All Capture the Flag arenas now have team-colored team overlay location information to easily identify whether your teammates are located in base, center or enemy base.

• Asylum -

o Added teleporter destination floor decal

• Base Siege -

o Replaced proxylaunchers with grenade launchers
o Swapped shotgun and nailgun positions
o Replaced lower yellow armor in base with a green armor jacket
o Staircases in center have been altered

• Bloodlust –

o Renamed from ‘Bloodlust CTF’ to ‘Bloodlust’
o Fixed asymmetrical bridge structures in base

• Bloodrun –

o Added teleporter destination decals
o Removed gl spawn

• Courtyard –

o Renamed from ‘Courtyard Conundrum’ to ‘Courtyard’
o Added a hallway and door between Pillar Hall and Teleporter room
o Replaced red armor in teleporter room with a medkit
o Moved Pillar Hall yellow armor to the Power-up Room
o Moved plasmagun from base nook onto base floor
o Added yellow armor to base nook
o Increased the megahealth respawn delay from 35 to 60 second

• Eviscerated

o Renamed from ‘Place of Many Deaths’ to ‘Eviscerated’

• Hearth

o Renamed from ‘Arena of Death’ to ‘Hearth’

• Ironworks

o Fixed asymmetrical spawn locations

• Longest Yard

o Renamed from ‘The Longest Yard’ to ‘Longest Yard’
o Added 5 new spawn locations

• Lost World

o Added teleporter destination floor decal
o Improved wall clipping near lightninggun staircase doorway

• Retribution

o Renamed ‘Temple of Retribution’ to ‘Retribution’
o Swapped railgun and shotgun locations in Team Deathmatch

• Sacellum

o Renamed ‘Temple of Pain’ to ‘Sacellum’

• Siberia –

o Added snowpatch near nailgun jumppad to cushion falling damage that occurred while dropping down from red armor

• Space CTF –

o Removed base-side megahealths in favor of a single megahealth on the center platform
o Removed central railgun in favor of base-side railguns on the Perch
o Increased the railgun respawn delay to 20 seconds, with a 5 slug ammo payload
o Added a plasmagun along the central accelpad route

• Spillway –

o Renamed ‘House of Pain’ to ‘Spillway’

• Stronghold –

o Renamed ‘The Stronghold’ to ‘Stronghold’
o Removed megahealth spawn from center basement in favor of teamed Quad & Regen power-ups

• Terminal Heights –

o Added a new bouncepad route from Flight to BFG to support Flight as a holdable power-up
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HUGE QL UPDATE (26 comments)
Posted by Toin Coss @ 18:37 CDT, 4 May 2010 - iMsg

+ some shit about sg accuracy
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