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#HoQLeagues Clan Arena *SIGNUPS OPEN* (6 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 05:21 CST, 26 January 2013 - iMsg
After plenty of people asking, House of Quake are pleased to announce we have just open the signups for both the Clan Arena 4v4 and Clan Arena 2v2 leagues.

Signups for both leagues close Sunday 10th February at midnight.

Links: CA 2v2, CA 4v4, HoQ, Facebook House of Quake
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#HoQLeagues CA 2v2 SIGNUPS OPEN (17 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 08:41 CDT, 31 July 2012 - iMsg
The original House of Quake CA 2v2 League is back. #HoQLeagues all began with a CA 2v2 League which received around 60 sign-ups!

Sign-ups close on Friday 17th August at midnight! All clan leaders must idle in #HoQLeagues on QuakeNet IRC.

CA 4v4 draft divisions are also up for comments - click here

Links: CA 2v2, HoQ, Facebook House of Quake
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#HoQLeagues - CA 4v4 League SIGNUPS OPEN (12 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 07:51 CDT, 7 July 2012 - iMsg
House of Quake are back, this time around with a Clan Arena 4v4 League.

The plan is to try and get as many teams as possible so we can try and get lots of lesser experienced or new clans. We shall make sure they're all as equally matched as possible in their divisions so to give them a taster of competitive quake. The reason for this is there are tons of players/clans around which I have never seen in any form of on-line tournament. Hopefully this will give them the incentive to continue playing competitively. This is for all skills, noobs + pro's alike.

Signups close: Friday 27th July. All clan leaders must idle in #HoQLeagues. We shall be thoroughly checking all signups to make sure there's as little drop outs as possible.

CTF/TDM: We wil be launching new seasons for the CTF+TDM Leagues soon, first we will be running pre-cups for both. Watch this space!

Oh and guess who's back!! :)

Links: CA 4v4, HoQ, Facebook House of Quake
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road house! (8 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 17:02 CDT, 26 June 2012 - iMsg
that is all.
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#HoQLeagues CA Nations Cup Finals! (53 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 04:37 CDT, 11 August 2011 - iMsg
After a few disappointing drop outs and late matches we have come to the end of the first HoQ CA Nations CUP, I guess for a summer nations cup it could've been a lot worse :)

Grand Final
Poland Poland vs France France
- Sunday 14th at 15:00 CDT (TBC)
3rd Place / Bronze
Germany Germany vs Sweden Sweden
- Sunday 14th at 14:00 CDT (TBC)

Live Streams shall be provided by the usual fellas from Level Up TV and of course HoQ-TV. Idle in #HoQLeagues for details.

Dates/Times are yet to be confirmed but I shall update the post, HoQ site, and the IRC channel topic with any changes.

Stream: Level Up TV
Links: #HoQLeagues CA Nations CUP, mIRC #HoQLeagues
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#HoQLeagues CTF + CA 2v2 SIGNUPS OPEN (19 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 08:17 CDT, 24 June 2011 - iMsg
#HoQLeagues have just opened the sign-ups for Season 2 of the CTF 4v4 and Season 4 of the CA 2v2.

Sign-ups Close: Sunday 10th July at Midnight for both leagues.

Good luck and all feedback appreciated, the new website will be ready for the end of the season (honest!!)

Links: 4v4 CTF, CA 2v2, mIRC #HoQLeagues
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CA Nations CUP - #HoQLeagues (23 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 17:33 CDT, 27 March 2011 - iMsg
After a few requests the House of Quake #HoQLeagues have decided to hold a Clan Arena Nations CUP.

Signups are open till the 22nd April and the trusty #HoQLeagues admins will be rallying up the nations to find out who's interested and help everyone get prepared for it.

Games will be played 4v4 and will consist of groups before double elimination brackets.

We're hoping to supply the winning nations team with mousepads but this is yet to be confirmed. Any questions, just ask in #HoQLeagues on irc. If no answer then PM an @admin and we'll get back to you.

Links: #HoQLeagues CA Nations CUP, mIRC #HoQLeagues
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#HoQLeagues CTF Finals + CA + DUEL (48 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 09:32 CDT, 25 March 2011 - iMsg
The HoQLeagues CTF 4v4 Season 1 is finished with just 2 playoff matches to be played between teams tied for 2nd place in Divs 1 + 2.

CA 2v2 Playoff Brackets are now up and they will all be played on the 17th April starting at 20:00 CET. There will be plenty of streams, keep yr eyes open in the irc channel #HoQLeagues and #live.ql

DUEL will be finishing on the 4th April (alot inactive or just useless at getting games played will get default losses for not trying to play) then the playoffs will be played on the 10th April (brackets will be posted on the 5th) I will post about the duel playoffs on/around the 11th on ESR. Prizes for the DUEL is, Higher Tier: 1st - £100 Cash, 2nd - £50 Cash. Lower Tier: 1st - £50 FragBelly Credits, 2nd - £25 FragBelly Credits.

Thanks to FragBelly for some of the prizes and of course our awesome admins: williebobc, angst, Drayan, Demok, Derfel.

Links: 4v4 CTF, DUEL, CA 2v2, mIRC #HoQLeagues, mIRC #live.ql, mIRC
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HoQLeagues 4v4 CTF League Signups Open! (16 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 09:12 CST, 27 November 2010 - iMsg
The HoQLeagues 4v4 CTF League Signups are now open! With prizes donated by the guys @ the soon to be launched eSports real cash betting site.

Signups close on Sunday 12th December but obviously no matches will be forced over Christmas + New Year but they can be played. are happy to be donating over £400 in prizes to House of Quake. Visit us at to convert your in-game skills into real life cash.

The CA 2v2 Signups close tonight so make sure to get signed up if you plan on it!

Links: 4v4 CTF Signups, CA 2v2, DUEL, mIRC #HoQLeagues,,
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HoQLeagues 1v1 Season 3 Signups Open (28 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 10:38 CST, 21 November 2010 - iMsg
The HoQLeagues 1v1 Season 3 Signups are now open, this time with prizes donated by our friends over at the soon to be launched eSports real cash betting site

All participants are expected to idle in #HoQLeagues on Quakenet IRC.

1st Matchweek Starts Sunday 12th December obviously no matches will be forced over Christmas + New Year but they can be played before. are happy to be donating over £400 in prizes to House of Quake. Visit us at to convert your in-game skills into real life cash.

Links: 1v1 Signups, CA 2v2 Signups, 4v4 CTF, mIRC #HoQLeagues,,
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CTF - 4v4/5v5? - #HoQLeagues (12 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 17:12 CST, 19 November 2010 - iMsg

The HoQLeagues Cash Prize CTF League signups will be opening in the next week or so, we're simply waiting for the sponsor to give the go ahead (their site isn't launched yet)

It's come to my attention that some people are saying we shouldn't go with 4v4 and should be doing 5v5. If I'm honest it's only a small minority saying 4v4 is shit and we should be doing 5v5. However they argue quite well :D

So... please could all ctf players let me know which they would like to see in the league by voting on the poll - here

Sorry I know you need to register on the site in order to vote (also activate using email) but I couldn;t change it, I tried (not alot but I did try) :[

Yes I know there was a poll on here not so long ago with just that question, but I think alot of ppl's views will have changed since.
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HoQLeagues 1v1 Final + CA 2v2 Season 3 (37 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 09:34 CST, 14 November 2010 - iMsg
The HoQLeagues 1v1 Higher Tier Final is tonight 15:00 CDT between Germany reload and madix Sweden and will be streamed on Level Up TV, so I thought it'd be a good time to announce the 3rd Season of the Clan Arena 2v2.

The season will be ran the same as the last just with a slightly changed map pool and some prizes this season. Just like last season it will consist of 4 Divisions and a Lower Tier (Divs 3 & 4) and Higher Tier (Divs 1 & 2) playoffs. The Signups are open for 2 weeks and will close on 28th November at midnight.

The HoQLeagues have recently obtained a new sponsor which will be providing big cash prizes for the next season of the DUEL League and our soon to be announced 4v4 CTF League. I can't tell you too much more about the new sponsor as they are in beta at the moment however we hope to announce the next season of the 1v1 next weekend and the 4v4 CTF the weekend after.

Update: VOD from reload vs madix, demos from spec pov.

Stream: Level Up TV
Links: CA 2v2 Signups, DUEL, 4v4 CTF, mIRC #HoQLeagues
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House of Quake - HoQLeagues Finals (68 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 03:50 CDT, 28 October 2010 - iMsg
The House of Quake HoQLeagues Finals are upon us, the 1v1 Finals are scheduled for the 14th of November and the CA 2v2 Final is tonight. Stream will be provided by the brilliant guys from Level Up TV.
1v1 - Higher Tier Final (1st place prize of £50)
14:00 CST, 14 November 2010: Germany reload vs madix Sweden

1v1 - Higher Tier Semi Finals
Germany reload 2-0 amOKchen Denmark
Germany mutz 0-2 madix Sweden

1v1 - Lower Tier Final
United Kingdom Ironman1 1-3 astz United Kingdom (Match page with demos)

1v1 - Lower Tier Semi Finals
Poland mandi91 0-2 Ironman1 United Kingdom (Default)
United Kingdom astz 2-0 karizma Germany

CA 2v2 - Higher Tier Final
Germany faces 3-0 pcm Europe (VOD)

CA 2v2 - Lower Tier Final:
France WARP 3-2 teamKR Germany (VOD)
We have recently managed to secure a new sponsor which is yet to be announced and in the next 4 weeks we plan on launching a new CTF 4v4 League along with the 3rd Season of the 1v1 and CA 2v2 all with a much higher prize fund.

Stream: Level Up TV
Links: 1v1, CA 2v2, House of Quake
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HoQLeagues - CA 2v2 + DUEL Finals! (37 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 11:32 CDT, 7 July 2010 - iMsg
The House of Quake - HoQLeagues Clan Arena 2v2 & 1v1 DUEL Leagues Finals are tomorrow night (Thursday 8th July) with a live stream courtesy of

First will be the CA 2v2 Semi Finals at 13:00 CDT, 8 July 2010 and then the Final to follow straight after, estimating 15:00 CDT, 8 July 2010. With the DUEL Final hopefully following straight after.

CA 2v2 Semi Finals:
Belgium meK^ vs PBJ Germany
Hungary skzi vs +fwd Germany
DUEL Semi Finals:
United Kingdom HawK 1:2 daxio Poland
Finland Kaide 1:2 sz France

DUEL Grand Final:
Poland daxio vs sz France

Season 2 will start at Monday, 19th July, and the Signups will close right at Midnight. Prizes will be provided by SteelSeries and will be announced soon.

Links: 1v1 DUEL Signup , CA 2v2 Signup, HoQLeagues, mIRC #HoQLeagues
Stream: LevelUp TV
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Mouse DPI + USB Port clocking? (13 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 12:18 CDT, 16 March 2010 - iMsg
Hey all,

I was recently told to turn my mouse dpi down, now I could be wrong but surely if you should turn your mouse dpi down then these lovely gaming mice are surely just a gimmick??

They advertise such mice as having 30000000 dpi and yet we should turn it down??

If I'm honest once I turned it down a notch and turned my sensitivity up it made a hell of a difference (a good difference)

What about usb rate? I hear overclocking your usb port also helps (if done carefully)????

Man back in the day vanilla Quake and setting +mlook was all you needed to do :D - CA 2v2/3v3 + DUEL Leagues SIGNUPS NOW OPEN | #HoQLeagues on IRC
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#HoQLeagues - CA 2v2/3v3 Leagues + DUEL (3 comments)
Posted by HowHard @ 09:36 CDT, 16 March 2010 - iMsg
Lo all,

Hopefully getting a major news post for this, however thought I'd post in here anyway.

Signups now open for CA 2v2 + 3v3 Leagues, along with a DUEL League and Q2RA2 2v2.

To put it short, all leagues are best of 3, no prizes as of yet but it's not out of the question.
Signups close on March 31st at midnight and first gameweek starts Monday 5th April.

Need a partner? meet us in #HoQLeagues on Quakenet and ask around!


aka WeLLHaRD
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