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on Quake Live... (18 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 12:31 CDT, 30 September 2009 - iMsg
I can't help but wonder why everybody there seems to have huge expectations for QL actually.

This move is not expected to be some kind of evolution of this franchise but rather an attempt to target different demographics, to bring new generation of pc players up to 10+ years old gameplay mechanics. The entire QL's point is to deliver old-school deathmatch gameplay to "softcore" players so they could just try it for free and see if they like that kind of games.

That's just an experiment of nearly zero cost (in terms of company, ofc).

Once id Software sees reasonable commercial potential in further development of franchise (Quake 5 or whatsoever) they will bring it up, fully functional and powered with brand new id Tech 5.

So it's a bit delusive to ask for new maps and to hope for all these "days of glory" suddenly coming back with QL's introduction. Hardcore players got their awesome and polished Q3 with tons of unplayed maps. Newbies got their free2play browser shooter to kill time with.

Don't expect too much from a free game really...
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Chess = Racism (29 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 07:53 CDT, 8 April 2009 - iMsg
Chess should be banned worldwide!
For sure!

Whites move first? WTF?
At least it's not sexist: the Queen is much more powerful than the King!
Hang on...that IS sexist! Dang!
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...where gaming meets reality (17 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 10:21 CST, 22 December 2008 - iMsg
Doesn't this motto sound sorta offenive or even frustrating?

Isn't it implied that gaming is primarily for nerds who deny complex severe reality and prefer remain safe in the grip of their own illusions?

Or may be it means that any kind of competitive gaming ideas are likely to meet everyday reality, to face it and to be smashed to smithereens?

Sounds like NYSE: Where monies meet crisis! (:
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Is it possible to revive OFPS? (17 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 12:07 CDT, 14 August 2008 - iMsg
At first I like this post.

Considering all these sorrowful assumptions that Q5 will never come out since QL will never justify id's hopes regarding community being million strong, what's your opinion - is it possible to create a financially successful AAA-title for PC (with at least one-two million copies sold worldwide) presented as OFPS with relatively fast gameplay and pretty tough learning curve if everything outside core gameplay is designed with casual gamer in mind? I mean is it possible in any near future?

Think like it should have high-end scalable graphics, thrilling cinematic effects, fantasy / darkwave / post-apocalypse / black art / etc art setting, simplified movement (but still entertaining with lots of features), amazing challenging weapons, matchmaking system, lots of fun gametypes along with traditional ones, community-oriented features and may be even single player campaign... Is it possible to revive OFPS as an independent mature genre? :)
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Racism =( (54 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 06:18 CDT, 25 April 2008 - iMsg
God damn...

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Your Circle Of Life, retards! (35 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 06:28 CDT, 1 April 2008 - iMsg
To all you, tolerant motherfuckers, trolles from the world of political correctness. The Circle Of Your Life, get it.

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My piano improvisation ^^ (29 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 06:36 CDT, 27 March 2008 - iMsg
Recorded via mp3 player.
Some thoughts and dreams expressed in free piano improvisation.
Dont mind some warmup in the begining (:
Hope you like :P
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Subprime Mortgage Crisis (99 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 14:31 CDT, 13 March 2008 - iMsg
Not that long ago a friend of mine, american banker, told me, that the one of several reasons of Subprime Mortgage Crisis in USA was consequences of that stupid political correctness - bankers weren't "empowered" to say NO to afroamericans (omg, "afroamerican" indian tea, "afroamerican" square by Malevich, "afroamerican" pawn in chess...) because in case of saying NO they (bankers) could be sued for racial discrimination.

Then bankers had the first tide of "dead" subprime mortages because of afroamericans and therefore the whole system collapsed.
He didnt say that was the only reason, but he said that was last stone.

What do you think? :>
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You all suck! (131 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 07:01 CST, 8 March 2008 - iMsg
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FPS evolution vol.1 - freedom of choice (13 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 00:36 CST, 1 February 2008 - iMsg
Imagine a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game where every single player feels free to tune up all the weapons according to his personal preferences. Such a freedom could give him an option to create a weapon set of his choice, to build tactics and playstyle only around weapons which he is going to use and to master in further. Something similar was introduced with bringing up classes to FPS, but with classes player has only few degrees of freedom while my proposition gives him unlimited potential for self-realization within strongly balanced system.

- So, you have multiple modifiers for every weapon such as damage, projectile speed, reload rate and lots of others.
- Every modifier has its min and max values and can be fixed by player freely in this appropriate [min]...[max] range.
- By default all the modifiers are set to certain values and that results in default weapon set that has 1.0 effectivity value.
- Weapon set`s effectivity value is calculated from all the weapons effectivity values according to some formula. For example, it can be something like E = (E1 + E2 + ... + EN) / N or E = (E1 * E2 * ... * EN)^(1/N), where N - number of weapons. With default settings, all the weapons have some default effectivity values which should result in 1.0 if applied to this formula.
- Changing every modifier`s value to different from default one results in changing weapon`s effectivity value according to some complex formula, which could be found due to various assumptions and playtests.
- If modifier`s change brings advantage to player with using this weapon (for example increasing damage or decreasing reload rate), weapon`s effectivity value should increase by this complex formula, and vise versa.
- With making some weapon(s) stronger in such a way, you need to make another weapon(s) weaker to fit the overall weapon set`s effectivity value being less or equal than 1.0. That allows you to build weapon set of your preference while following the overall balance measure such as effectivity value top limit.

Pros and cons:
+ Unlimited potential for self-realization within fast-paced multiplayer FPS game.
+ Replacement of "weapon choice mastering skill" with "weapon of choice mastering skill".
+ Possibility of creating weapons`s so-called "Holy Grail" for every player and tweaking it out.
+ Less steep weapon`s learning curve for newcomers.
- The concept wouldnt work its best with current "quakish" set of weapons coz they arent that versatile as they could be. So, weapon set should be redone too.
- Various difficulties with finding proper formulas for weapons effectivity values.
- Hell of playtestings.
- Different modifier values from player to player that could results in netcode and serverside code requiring to be completely redone.

So, discuss :P

I assume formulas should be pretty complex to make all the things working quite well. For example formulas should implement progressive dependence curves, different mathematical powers for different modifiers depending on what weapon gets changed and dozens of other things to make sure players would not abuse only-one-weapon concept, especially with awful tendetions to build one-shot-one-kill hitscan weapons.
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Play with money for even bigger money. (22 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 15:06 CDT, 31 May 2007 - iMsg
How to become rich just in 6 months?
If you start with $1000 and increase your deposite for 10% every day, working 5 days in a week, you will inevitably come to this:

1st month - $7 000
2nd month - $45 000
3rd month - $300 000
4th month - $2 000 000
5th month - $13 000 000
6th month - $90 000 000

You can make 10% daily profit on Foreign Exchange Market with just opening long position (buying to sell with profit some hours later) with max lot (for example for $1000 on deposite it equals lot 0.1 = $100000; 1:100 - max available leverage) on "bullish" trade and opening short position (selling with profit) some hours later when the price goes up for about 15 points - for example from 1.3410 to 1.3420+spread (example is designed for EUR/USD and 5 points spread) - and you get your 10% per day.

If you wish you can make 100-200% per day :) But it requires very strong analytical skills, brilliant mind and dedication, performing great mental reaction time. :>
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Eur<3vision (24 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 08:46 CDT, 14 May 2007 - iMsg
lol @ this year
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I'm pro-lamer (43 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 03:01 CDT, 5 May 2007 - iMsg
I make more money not playing games than you playing them.
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TopClan site/contacts ? (6 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 20:43 CDT, 18 March 2007 - iMsg
Some days ago a guy from TopClan asked me if I could join their project or some kind of - that was at German DeathMasters Public CA server. I rejected his proposal but I just remembered I got a friend who could join them as long as he is rising star on Q4 scene :>
Does anybody know their site/contacts? =D
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Visuals test (18 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 00:20 CST, 23 February 2007 - iMsg
Ok I've got some visual experience for you today :p

Its just visuals test for your eye's pleasure. Who said Q4 looks ugly? It can look good, but this beauty costs about 3-4 lights per surface...

Coming soon ^^
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Where gaming meets reality ^^ (33 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 11:40 CST, 16 February 2007 - iMsg
Watch to the end plz, it's worth! =D
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Tendency of FPS gaming? (14 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 10:40 CST, 25 January 2007 - iMsg
Whats the tendency of FPS gaming in your opinion?
Have this genre already started to disappear in its pure state bringing lots of mixes instead?
Or we can see just "market satiation" issue where games became just software products created, made and marketed with selling purpose killing any germ of personality?
Whats your point?
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2215 MP build (83 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 18:53 CST, 20 January 2007 - iMsg
Last night I played S.T.A.L.K.E.R MultiPlayer Build 2215 (released for diehard fans waiting for full game coming this spring). I should say it's absolutely funneh game even in this pre-beta state, it has all chances to revive deathmatch making happy both newbies and skilled players from other cs-like games. With proper balance and some minor gameplay tweaks it will ruin HL2 DM, Quake DM and other not objective oriented game scenes and will even affect team-based communities. So easy to jump in, so hard to quit. I'm impressed ^^


old videos and such (try to find new ones, with dx10 renderer):
download temporary 2215 mp build (not official demo but confirmed by developers to be released for fans):
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Quake 4 60fps smooth clip *downloadable* (10 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 09:52 CST, 7 January 2007 - iMsg
Just to test some shit :>
(click download to get the best quality and these 60 fps)

Youtube ( not 60 fps but still cool frag :> ):

Direct download:;6487563;;/

Features 3x airgrenades by [karunesh] ( ex-!ntelliRocket, currently of Zeus gaming clan :> )
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A Scanner Darkly (63 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 08:54 CST, 26 December 2006 - iMsg
This has been a story about some people who were punished entirely too much for what they did. I loved them all. Here is the list, to whom I dedicate my love:

To Gaylene, deceased
To Ray, deceased
To Francy, permanent psychosis
To Kathy, permanent brain damage
To Jim, deceased
To Val, massive permanent brain damage
To Nancy, permanent psychosis
To Joanne, permanent brain damage
To Maren, deceased
To Nick, deceased
To Terry, deceased
To Dennis, deceased
To Phil, permanent pancreatic damage
To Sue, permanent vascular damage
To Jerri, permanent psychosis and vascular damage
… and so forth.

In Memoriam. These were comrades whom I had; there are no better. They remain in my mind, and the enemy will never be forgiven. The “enemy” was their mistake in playing. Let them all play again, in some other way, and let them be happy.

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Serj Tankian (SOAD) - Charades (Live) (2 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 03:01 CST, 25 December 2006 - iMsg
awesome song, breathtaking perfomance <3
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Deathmatch gametype reinvented! (62 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 19:09 CST, 20 December 2006 - iMsg
Every innovation soon or later gets over, grows out of its age and becomes usual thing... until it gets reinvented. Ingenious reinvention is such a very hard task; you need to keep things simple independently of their inner complex operations and communications – complexity of the structure should not affect simplicity of its usage. This statement is called the principle of encapsulation and it reflects all the basic principles of interaction.

Consider deathmatch gametype in its primary state, introduced more than 10 years ago with first versions of iD’s franchises such as Wolf3D, Quake, Doom and so on. We have a map – virtual environment, players – interacting objects, weapons – player-to-player interaction tools and items – environment-to-player interaction tools. Environment-to-player interaction can have either a positive or a negative influence – positive influence is a result of picking up the item or changing current position, negative one is a result of reflecting player-to-player interaction (self-damage, falling damage). Player-to-player interaction in deathmatch can be only negative. What do “positive” and “negative” mean here? Considering this model we suppose the “positive” thing to improve current player’s position and the “negative” thing to make it worse. In terms of deathmatch, where a player’s position consists of his amount of health, ammo, current set of weapons and place at the map, improvement of every part (i.e. increasing health or ammo) leads to improvement of player’s current position and vice versa.

What’s the main deathmatch guideline? Positive result can be performed only with environment-to-player interaction while negative ones can be reached with both environment-to-player and player-to-player ones. And... the main guideline. The basic term of deathmatch is score. You lose a score if the main part of your position (in terms considerd above) gets zero. In “one versus one” deathmatch its equal to giving the score to your opponent as long as the only difference makes sence. In “free for all” its customary to give the score to the opponent who turned that part of your position to zero. So, player-to-player interaction becomes the main interaction of the deathmatch, because it influences opponent’s position a lot. Whats the problem of such a concept?

Every interaction takes time to learn and to master it and in ideal concept interaction’s influence should be proportional to that time. But even the ideal concept performed in real life, doesn’t work so perfectly as long as it’s affected with “human element” and banal luck. So the main problem of deathmatch in its initial state is very strong influence of player-to-player interaction which minimizes importance of other interactions making the concept one-sided, flat and disproportional. You can see, it led to decreased deathmatch popularity in last years.

Now its time to reinvent deathmatch! What we need is just to increase the influence of positive environment-to-player interaction, making it fundamental. In new concept you should perform interaction with environment to get a score while player-to-player interaction is performed to prevent it. Why so? Because environment-to-player interaction aspects and tools are more easier to learn and do not take so much to master. Once they are mastered, the concept results in tactical game where you cant rely only on your aim as long as it doesn’t get a score for you, in terms of deathmatch.

What is proposed in practice? Consider a map for duel. Let there be 4 points on the map called bases, which could be reached by a player with some challenge; that should be risky but not hard task. Every base, excepting one which is empty, has a rune (no distinction between runes) which can be stolen from the base by a player. The player who collects all the 3 runes, gets a score, his collected runes spawn at bases on the longest distance from this player (who just got the score) and the nearest to him base gets no rune. If player dies, all his collected runes drop out from him and get pickable at their current place, they do not return to bases. So, as you can see, when runes get shared between players, the fight takes place.

Why is this concept good? It solves most of current deathmatch problems caused by old concept, bringing competition to the next level and just making the game fresh and fun as never before. On the top level, it’s more interesting to watch, because it takes very solid movement skills to get all the runes in the shortest time. No more camping; you can be fragged by an opponent for about 1000 times, but if he doesn’t collect runes, his scores are still zero. That’s kinda strategy and planning skills which are required to win the game – “brain exceeds the aim”. Applying this concept to TDM and FFA with some modifications we can get the most exciting game ever. Didn’t you dream about that all the time?

Some thoughts on another gametypes.
TDM - more runes, for example 7 runes, 8 bases. Team should collect all the 7 runes, then runes spawn, the empty base gets chosen following the same to duel gametype way.
FFA - 1 rune, all the other spawns are empty. After picking the rune it spawns randomly on the one of empty spawns. The game is quite fun when all the players exactly hear where did it spawn and run scared to get it, fragging each other on the move =)
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/quit (30 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 16:10 CST, 11 November 2006 - iMsg
As long as I'm interested in my bright future, successful start in business and in dozens of other things I decided to leave gaming for a few years as very time-consuming pastime.
I quit to make the best out of myself :-)
ggs Karun, Ver1, Bandit, Suffer, Killa and others =P
Cya at Q5! :>
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The Outsider (Resident Renhold) alike (11 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 15:37 CST, 8 November 2006 - iMsg
Smbd gimmie plz some titles of music very similar to A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (Resident Evil 2 OST). I'm interested in such a drums intro :>
Thx =P
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Clueless.... (1 comment)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 13:14 CDT, 19 October 2006 - iMsg
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FFA map (31 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 13:42 CDT, 18 October 2006 - iMsg
That ctf map I've started while ago turned into nice ffa/tdm/ca map.
The layout with temporal textures is here:
It provides excelent flow and a lot of possibilities to make unbelievable quadruns and spawnrapes (what ffa map realy needs). My goal is to make Q4 fun as never before =P
Stay turned for the first public apha (working on textures and lights now)
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Good morning =P (14 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 00:16 CDT, 17 October 2006 - iMsg
I'm working on flash game for one russian publishing house.

Here is a pic before:

Here is SFW (460 kB, Flash Player 7 required):

461 kB is kinda too much but its preview for my customer so its ok :>
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CTF map (2 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 22:07 CDT, 14 October 2006 - iMsg
Today I've started CTF map inspired with some pics of metro stations:

I tried mapping before but this time I decided to make this map finished. Gonna build first beta in final days of 2006, actually waiting for 1.4 patch to get some ppl to play it :>

Pic from editor - smth to be "base"
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Interesting thing (23 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 10:18 CDT, 14 October 2006 - iMsg
Last night I played with [karunesh], my clanmate, Q4 at computer club. I noticed there was only two players in the room with 100 ppl who played Quake at all - me and my clanmate. Other gamers were jerking around at cs and mods of warcraft.
I'm a bit disappointed...
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Thoughts (24 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 19:05 CDT, 12 October 2006 - iMsg
Somehow I trust iD.
Q4 1.3 pwns.
Q4 1.4 will rock sock.
Q4 1.5 & Q4Max 1.32 - die all the other fps's for a few years.

Ah forgot, GTR and RA4 ftw! :>
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The best quotations! (124 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 20:01 CDT, 11 October 2006 - iMsg
"You have this world, that's synthetic. And once you learn to control yourself in this world, you can do all kinds of brilliant things. Fly around, hit really hard, whatever. But when it came down to it, many of the inhabitants of the Matrix decided they wanted an imperfect world..."

Your turn ;)
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Gauntlet Flash (17 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 21:01 CDT, 10 October 2006 - iMsg
I found the way to get Gauntlet lit when mouse1 is pressed.
I went to .../def/weapons/gauntlet.def and found these statements:

entityDef weapon_gauntlet
...................... // not important for us
// ---------------------------- Muzzle Flash ---------------------------------------

"mtr_flashShader" "lights/muzzleflash"
"flashColor" "0.7 0.8 1"
"flashRadius" "200"
"flashPointLight" "1"
"flashTime" ".1"
"flashViewOffset" "15 5 -10"

I found similar shit in every weapon definition file but they didnt miss fx guides like that (for lighting gun):

"fx_impact" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/impact.fx"
"fx_impact_mp" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/impact_mp.fx"
// "fx_impact_water" "effects/ambient/splash_med.fx"
"fx_trail" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/trail.fx"
"fx_trail_world" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/trail_world.fx"
"fx_crawl" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/crawl.fx"
"fx_spire" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/spire.fx"
// "fx_flash" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/muzzleflash.fx"
// "fx_flash_world" "effects/weapons/lightninggun/muzzleflash_world.fx"
"fx_respawn" "effects/mp/itemrespawn.fx"
"crawlTime" ".05"

Compare with such a list for a gauntlet:

"fx_impact" "effects/weapons/gauntlet/impact.fx"
"fx_impact_flesh" "effects/weapons/gauntlet/impact_flesh.fx"
"fx_impact_monstermetal" "effects/weapons/gauntlet/impact_monstermetal.fx"

So it seems like its possible to add "muzzle flash" for a gaunlet because the possibility is nested in def file and I dont need to recompile dlls to do that
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[+]'s are coming (25 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 18:51 CDT, 9 October 2006 - iMsg
U'r checking Supreme Ruler's journal :>
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Funney pic (21 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 00:17 CDT, 8 October 2006 - iMsg
Any suggestions about these guys ? :>
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Resonance poster pic (8 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 20:15 CDT, 6 October 2006 - iMsg
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First inspiration (17 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 21:38 CDT, 5 October 2006 - iMsg
Annihilation @ own-age, the most downloaded/commented/favourited Q3 frag video - it inspires me even now. Especially music :>
Who gives me some ideas about great soundtrack for Q4 movie - gets a cookie =P
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Great composers - great soundtracks! (73 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 21:14 CDT, 4 October 2006 - iMsg
James Newton Howard
Hanz Zimmer
Rob Dougan
Steve Jablonsky
Dario Martinelli
Gabriel Yared
Danny Elfman
John Williams

Great composers - great soundtracks!
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Q4Max demos: some hacks :> (8 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 08:24 CDT, 4 October 2006 - iMsg
There is Hex Workshop's screenshot of Q4Max 0.76b demo recorded on dedicated server. (450 KB)
You may notice the header where all the paks are listed in string format containing full path for every pak on client machine where this demo was recorded. But after every string like that there is something else (underlined red) - 8 0x00 numbers (or 16 0x0). It seems like they stand for the control sum or whatever. The only hint is that every such a number is represented in xxxxxxxxxx000000 format (last 6 signs are zeros - outline red).
If I need to add custom gfx or skins, I need to recompile zz-q4max-media-076b.pk4 and rewrite its new custom control sum (if thats it) or to add the new pak in this list with its control sum. Could somebody check my supposition about control sum? :>

P.S I tried to add custom gib.fx in folder (without adding to pak - just remained in-folder orders) but I just missed any gibs during the game (if I remove these folders - in-game gibs come back again) - mb its pure server issue.

P.P.S. Yesterday I posted some beta config pics:
need your feedback :>
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Resonance Preteaser: beta config pics (26 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 19:01 CDT, 2 October 2006 - iMsg
Here are some test pics:
Notice that they are rendered with High Quality settings, not with Ultra High - it's because of some issues with my hardware to be solved soon (some lights and texture blocks missing - mb cache or virtual memory problem).
Now I really need feedback on brightness/contrast, weapon disposition/fov used (111 now).
And how do you guys concern a possibility of making 60fps video? I got some render tests and it runs really smooth.
I'm working on improved gfx (smoke, gibs, rail beam, projectile lights) so I need a few beta-testers soon :>
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Project Title (14 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 20:05 CDT, 1 October 2006 - iMsg
After dozens of variants we decided in favour of Resonance.
According to Wiki, Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with high amplitude when excited by energy at a certain frequency. This frequency is known as the system's natural frequency of vibration or resonant frequency.
Really impressive.
As for me, I notice the word sounds strong and spells well in any language. Stay turned ;)

Btw, here are some config pics ( cfg is still beta so constructive criticism is welcome =P )
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Fear me! :-) (3 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 09:32 CDT, 1 October 2006 - iMsg
Fear me - I've started learing Sony Vegas 7 - the ultimate non-linear video-audio editing software bundle!
That will result in the Q4 project to be announced soon.
The key feature - omfg content from me and my clanmates - lots of 2x and 3x airrox, some 2x and 3x rails and tons of other stuff from CA, RA4 and FFA servers.
I'm planning to release preteaser soon so stay turned to enjoy the first truly hardcore Q4 movie trailer with balanced editing and very nice soundtrack ( trust me :> ).
Plus me if you give any fuck xD
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1st journal post ffs \:D/ (6 comments)
Posted by Cuffahid @ 15:11 CDT, 19 September 2006 - iMsg
here ya go
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