After having his CD key stolen, a Texan gamer is suing Even Balance, PunkBuster's creator, because he was banned from on-line game play. The plaintiff-wannabe alleges that Electronic Arts and PunkBuster falsely accused him of cheating.

Here is part of his side of the story:

Yes, I would have dropped the entire problem and accepted the new key if Even Balance didn't play Judge and Jury and sent me the proof that I requested.

Yes I was PO at Even Balance for the treatment. Yes I want to make a change in their EULA.

I've tried every possible route to get information or settle this in a gentleman fashion. Even Balance failed to even respond properly. Now, the only option I have is the court systems. No, I'm not going after money. I make enough already, I don't need any more, nor would I sue for money in this case. My case is to make a change.

You can read more (of his side) at His New Website.

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