Quake4 Launcher v1.0 & "Prodigy" by Kryw

We've been working hard to try and make something to help Quake 4 be more setup friendly to everyone willing to try it.

We have reach a milestone in development, and are confident enough to release v1.0 of the launcher.

TL;DR Video:


- Provides a desktop server browser for one click connect & play
- Provides an easy configurator for the game
- Detects your Q4 steam install path and sync the required maps to play on server
- Installs q4max with sample CFG and HUD
- Provides 5 reworked pk4 files that includes all popular maps, reordering them by mod and popularity.
-> Use those 5 paks on your servers will get you every map you need!
Next version features: friends, auto-matchmaking, & more


The launcher also contains the first public version of "Prodigy" by professional mapper Kryw.
Move & speed oriented duel map. DM (5-6 players) also awesome!

First ever Quake 4 1.4.2 speed optimized map.
All existing maps, even the awesome Monsoon, have some flaws because of the changes in gameplay that occurred along the short lifetime of Q4.

Finally a new and optimized one thanks to Kryw

New season of Q4L Ranked games will begin shortly on our discord pubobot ladder, and a cash prized tournament on Prodigy will be announced soon!

Join us on Discord at http://discord.gg/hRhu7BjeUG
Quake 4 Launcher v 1.0 : (you need Q4 installed on Steam) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UcTXe_6wIaoaosf_CEapXpueAnGvef5F/

Useless website at http://www.playq4.net

See you in two clicks!