Hi all - its me. cK-mojo. Looking to reconnect with anyone who remembers me, and try to remember as many stories from the q3 glory days. I think for me I was active around 1999-2002 or so. I've spent the last couple days finding so many good old stories and seeing so many familiar names talked about. I obviously remember my cK crew well. But haven't interacted with anyone for almost 20 years, so my memory is really spotty about everything.

At the time I was about 15-16 years old and was totally in love with competing in q3. Given my situation though, was never able to travel to the big tournaments. The one I made was QIL4 in St. Louis since it was so close to my hometown Kansas City. That one I took 2nd behind czm. I don't remember the score, but I know he owned me!! The biggest bummer at the time - they never paid anyone. Anyone know why?

Also, would REALLY love to see if anyone could point me to any demo's they might have of me. Perhaps the QIL4 ones are all saved somewhere? Otherwise, I know I played a bunch of TDM games with cK over those couple years.

Another thing - sounds like there was another well known mojo that emerged after me? Is that confusing? Do people think we were the same?

Anyway, just wanted to get this started. Having fun thinking these days and watching some of the videos on youtube.