Quake Champions is a shit game riddled with bugs and broken mechanics. On top of the pie they ban good players for just decent aim.

Sanchez already had multiple accounts banned by noobs. The ban process looks like this - they watch YT video, get mad and ban the account. The account ban happens several hours after the video is linked to IDSOFT retards in their own Discord, where I was banned, after asking an explanation for a ban.

The only ones who are allowed to hit anything this game are those that have personal connections with ID Soft stuff, i.e simple corruption.

This account got banned ;> For this kind of gameplay.

While I dont enjoy this shit game and I do not endorse anyone playing this garbage. Even more if you have 2500+ or 3000+ elo in QC and think you are good in quake, get yourself another pair of brains, because this one is faulty. Getting good in QC does not mean you are any good in any fps game at all. Pros from QC can come to Q4 and hit 28% SHAFT and be raped by any low skill player.

Challenge - get as many accounts banned as possible, ideally 1000 accounts.
Looking for people with semidecent aim, you should be hitting 70% rail and 50%+ lg despite broken netcode, hitboxes, input lag, mouse wiggling and other pleasantries of modern technology.

1. Make smurf
2. Write your nickname or add up in QC

We will team up and rape this game over and over again.