With the launch of Quake 2 RTX:


it is only reasonable to think Quake 3 RTX is comming eventually.

I propose that the launch includes higher rex textures, higher res polygons, and ragdoll physics so the corpses aren't floating in dumb positions intolerable for 2019.

It would be very interesting to see how the dynamics of duel would work like with realtime lightning, since you have shadows to worry about. You could say "but people will turn it off". Well hard code it and lock it. Eventually everyone will be able to move the graphics as raytracing graphic cards become cheaper within the next 10 years, it will be the new standard.

We've seen a massive Minecraft revival with these videos getting millions of views due raytracing versions. It's time bring back Quake 3 and bring it back bigly. A proper revival with modern graphics instead of trying to reinvent the wheel in the delusion that you can improve what is the gold standard 1v1 fps game.