1. Kanipox - Crybaby / pussy / noob
2. Kerni - pussy / noob
3. Serious - serious pussy, crybaby
4. J D or J P - noob / pussy
5. INS - really big pussy / noob


List. (I will not post those who quit / leave game, only those who try to ruin game for their team).

1. Ag0n1 https://stats.quake.com/profile/Ag0n1 https://stats.quake.com/profile/QDEMON/matche...03ffb80009
2. Pdcleaner / barra, Game proof of feeding. https://stats.quake.com/profile/Tras1d/matche...03ffb6d7a2
3. Slo77y https://stats.quake.com/profile/slo77y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxB_Gl2Unoc
4. KiLiKoR
https://stats.quake.com/profile/KiLlKoR https://stats.quake.com/profile/QDEMON/matche...03ffb6d7a2

You can post your games with links and I will add them to this list someday later.


I cannot even imagine what is happening inside those guys, what kind of mental trauma / breakdown they have experienced to just go and suicide in game. xD