I have seen so many good men pass lately just look at ESR so many of my homies are passing =]

My manes be dropping like mofuckin flies and what is that one thing they all had in common QUAKE yes QUAKE

I mean really think about quake must be bad for your health because you can just count the death toll for this game is in the thousand if not ten thousand mark and they all gave that life for quaek mane you got respect that mane

now i sit and write this article with a blunt in my hand and a bottle of hard liqor by my side but that stuff aint got shit on the toll quake took on me

fact: steven hawking played quake and look at him now. my niqqa gone - RIP =[

quake is bad for your health =]
you cannot deny this
and one day it will CATCH UP TO YOU AND SOCK YOU DEAD

You cannot proof me rong

*hits tha blunt*
peace (Y)