Twitch link: (1hour)
- Ranked Duel (Bronze, Silver, Diamond, Elite)
- X-ray outline for teammates
- Max FSP cap
- New music stuff
- 40 custom crosshairs
- Third person spawn animation
- New champ (Grappling hook or Grenade launcher maybe)
- New Duel map with Lockbox theme
- More health/armor for all champions
- Working on hitbox
- Some champs can hold W to increase walking speed (Scalebearer, Clutch, Galena)
- Anarki, Slash speed nerf
- Doom punch range get nerfed
- Gauntlet: -25% range, slower fire rate
- LG buffed but not like before
- BJ dual RoF buffed
- Small item respawn time adjust (longer)
- Instajib (new game mode) (not on Dec patch)
- New Duel is coming
- Lore finding method changed
- Tri-bolt turns into Mine launcher (explode on touch)
- Game now remembers your Starter weapon and Datacenter
- CA and CTF is being worked on (2018)
- Ranked 2v2 TDM
- Seasons, holiday events are coming

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