Overwatch's newest Support Hero "Moira", currently playable on the Publich Test Realm Server and set to release sometime during the next weeks, has as a teleport-type ability called "Fade" in her kit that allows her to travel a set distance while being invisible and invincible. Unlike Tracer's Blink ability the player can actually control Moira while she uses Fade. What Blizzard, probably, didn't intend though is that when used at a geometry-object of a certain height Moira can propel herself into the air and gain a lot of momentum doing so making it possible to reach certain spots on the map that she normally wouldn't be able to reach with her normal walk/jump moves. All in all the ability looks very similar to ledge-jumps (double-jumps?) present in games like Quake 2, Waržow and Quake Live. Here's a video of what you can do with Moira's Fade ability at the moment:

I think Winz might be very pleased with this new Hero if Blizzard doesn't remove these properties from Moira's Fade ability.