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Hey all! The next test event for Closed Beta kicks off tomorrow, May 26, at 10am ET. Here are the patch notes for the build. You'll note that a lot of the changes have to do with adjusting Sacrifice based on your feedback. Please continue to let us know your thoughts once the new build is live. See you in the Arena!
Patch Notes

Match limit is now “Best of 3 Rounds”
Obelisk capturing time limit has been adjusted to 2 minutes
Score limit per round is now set at 1 point
Contested time when at 99% has been increased to 3 seconds
Fixed player sorting on the end-game Sacrifice scoreboard. Player ranks are now sorted properly by XP, instead of deaths.
Fixed post-match scoring events. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win. Match complete XP gain now works correctly
Additional logs added to investigate incorrect spawn points
Fixed an issue in the Duel spawn code that would result in a player respawning too closely to their killer.
Fixed a server crash that could occur when Scalebearer (while in active ability) was telefraged by Ranger’s orb
Fixed an issue where Gauntlets produced excessive damage
Made improvements to address a delay found when firing the Rocket Launcher
Server IP has been removed from the beta watermark
Fixed Nyx leg animation in the presentation screen
Fixed issues with incorrect visualizations of weapons in PiPs
Ready state timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
Fixed issue where a white display appeared when launching the game
Added additional sound effects
Fixed Obelisk explosion sound
Known Issues:
In Battle Report sorting does not sort by XP
Final medals are missing from battle report. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place