In that duel mode besides armor system, spawn system has been cut out (simplification). Also, this unusual frag limit and spawn limit makes gameplay more random (random win). Unlucky spawn and you lost your main (for this match) champion. You can easy lost or make your first frag, which now always first. And you can't pick the same champion twice.

Anyway, i'm not against this duel mode, he's good for newcomers as TDM in beta.

Besides this simplifications (big as half of the planet, without exaggeration) we have: not balanced champions, there are no many QL settings, there is no Grenade Launcher (GL is pro gun). We dont know anything about 1x1 maps, they can be very awful. Now if you want to make 1x1 map, you need to know many gameplay aspects. Also current maps has many textures and polygons, and it is more difficult to create them and to fix.

Somewhere here on esr there is one as..le who offer hooney mode(when after each frag game resets). So current 1x1 mode is a modification of this hooneymode. Oh god.. i want to tear off his hands. I want to implement all abilities to devs right in their office.

As for me, if i can't see at least QL 1x1 copy with built in ELO ratings, i will not download this game. If it will be classic 1x1 but without ELO, i also will not download a game. Competitive game without ELO is not a game. I do not want to rape low skill players, and i do not want to be raped much more ( my cost 50% of win games from total, with players which skills equal to my ).

For now, there are no something serious and hardcore(except shooting), something that was adjusted in right way.
I want something difficult for my brain, i want to see many different tactics, i want to see how pro players develop and implement this tactics in game. I want to see a game, which King of the shooters, and deservedly (because of difficulty), but not because some tricky marketing-man, like skilled pedophile has seduced schoolboys by beautiful wrapper. I want to see how pro players became respected everywhere.
And those pro who pensioners, writes their books "how to play quake, 1000 secrets, tactics".

I offered in 1x1 ELO, selectable spawns, ability to increase enemy ping if his lower than mine, fixed loadouts. Big practical reasons for this, with proofs.

Also i want to write many bad words.

But i will wait for next 6 months. And if i will not see any minimal positive changes (built in ELO, fixed 1x1, etc..), i delete all info about QC from all places i can, and will destroy game everywhere i can until her death.