Seeding Cup - ($45 Prize pool) For players that have entered and paid for at least one TCPM 1k Series Tournament. It is NOT mandatory.

Main Event update: TourneyCPM $1000 Quake Reborn Series (Dec 2 - 4):
The official rules have been released for both events. A schedule has been released as part of the rules. The following is an abbreviated version of the schedule, a link to the full description is below. In short you have the option to start your duels on Dec 2, 6:00pm EST (00:00 CET). The mandatory check in starts the next day, Dec 3, 12:00pm EST (18:00 CET). During this day the brackets up to the quarter finals will be played out for both tournaments. Quarter final matches will not be played until Dec 4, 12:00pm EST (18:00 CET). Sunday will be devoted to the last portion of the brackets and the finals and grand finals. Details below. A new map will be introduced, 'thct7', it is a port from reflex. A new map to almost everyone ported over from Reflex. Map Downloads here.

Links: cpmaTourneyCPM Discord, TourneyCPM $1000 Series Official Page, Paypal Donations, Get CPMA Tourney CPM'S startup pack, Challonge Page