I was wondering today how different women are from men in terms of intellectual competition. It's proven fact in stats of most of sport disciplines that physically women have natural disadvantage. Looking at running world records at different distances usually women records are at level of around 10% lower from men results. There might be higher difference in weight lifting though.

This explains why we run separate competition, but what with disciplines like chess, esport or other technical sports where most important factor is technique, accuracy, but not physical strength or endurance (e.g. shooting sports).

I found this interesting article about ELO distribution in man and woman chess players populations:
https://www.chess.com/blog/LionChessLtd/men-v...ays-better (TLDR: see ELO graphs)

I'm too lazy at the moment to read all text too to know of how many of the games were between two different sex. Men seems to be slightly better in average and on the top. Men graph ends at 2840 elo and women at 2680 and most of the space above 2500 is empty or below estimated gauss prediction line. So there's not many woman at the very top level compared to man.

There's not much to discuss about here, because these are just statistical facts. I want to ask general question if is there anyone having dump of database stats from QLRanks to plot such graphs for QL players population? I think it may be interesting, not for comparing man and woman but just itself since sex of players are unknown.

Also does anyone remember what was the max ELO ever achieved in QL? Was it rapha or evil?