Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 26 June 2016 to 15:00 CDT, 26 June 2016
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Season#30 FINALS will take place this weekend.

~ 09:00 CST Group A: Russia evil Russia base Sweden spart1e Poland wolf_pl
~ 10:30 CST Group B: Russia agent Kazakhstan prox1mo Denmark lars Russia pavel
Playoff: A1 vs B2, A2 vs B1, Final

UPD: Congratulation to our champion,
all results here
VODs here
Demos (zlive pov)

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Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom zLive, Stream's HUB
Links: Season#30 page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015-2016; Europe; France ESport