Hello, ESR!
I've been thinking about some upgrade but since everything is shit () and since I have some hw skillz I decided to upgrade my PC the smart way :D

Now I have this setup:
3770K@4300 (Linx x64 AVX up to 85deg)
ASUS GTX 780@1100/7000 (Furmark up to 79 deg)
2xCrusial Ballistix 8GB 8-8-8-24-T1@1866Mhz.

Firstly I wanted to get 980Ti/6700K but since "shitlake" PCBs made of paper and 980Ti being not so powerful I've decided to do a "smart upgrade":

1) 256GB A-DATA SP920 (Marvell 88SS9189)
2) Coollaboratory Liquid PRO + CS 0.15ml
3) 2x120 or 2x140 PWM fans to improve GTX 780 Cooling.

Also I will need some simple soldering iron and sharp scalpel.

I can buy 980Ti and 5820K, but it's the easy and irrational way :D

So what I'm aiming for:
1) To scalp my 3770K and replace "horse semen" that intel puts inside for liquid metal to get 4700-4800+ frequencies from my CPU and to have temps less than 70 in LinX 64 AVX.
2) To get the maximum frequencies out of my GTX 780 (1200-1300+ GPU and higher memory clocks if it would bottle-necking GPU). So it would be equal to stock 980Ti.
3) Memory. Who need this stupid DDR4 with timings huge as Oprah Winfrey's ass. Target is ~ 10-10-10-30 T1 2400Mhz.
4) SSD? Obvious. HDD is the most bottle-necking piece of hardware in any PC. It slows down everything all the time.

What I've already done on GF's PC:
Spent 5 EUR and 20 minutes. Temp dropped from 82 to 63 in furmark.

BTW this method is extremely efficient and always results in extra 15-25C degrees drop plus lesser noise.
Some more pics: