Sooo...finally figured out how to make a half decent demo, and now Youtube's aggressive compression is the only thing keeping the quality low.

Come summer, I'll have been playing this game for a year, so I wanna get a bit better.
Oh, and...don't say my positioning! I'm well aware that I'm often attacking 5 guys while my teammates hide around a corner, hoping an enemy on 1HP walks by. That's mah own demon to slay. And, honestly...some days I quite like that I play like that. Maybe I'll just have to figure out how to stay in the enemy's face and not always be the first to die, but without the cactus fucker +back shit (read the description)
From watching the demo, I'm thinking my rockets have gotten pretty poor, and I'm tending to aim a bit low for some reason. And I think I'm totally not using rail enough.
But, if I were a Quake Yoda, or Mr Miyagi, then it would be you posting this shiz, and me answering it.
"Always too aggressive you are. Hide where your teammates are cowering, you must"
Anyways...apart from the obvious stuff...oh and "Stop using the damn jumppads when you know there's guys up there whoring their LG stats". Yeah...I know. It's just hard to not attack.
So...hit me with that Yoda wisdom! No mystical shit, though, please. :D