Has this been tried before?

Below is the email which I just sent to research@evenbalance.com. It shaped up into a good explanation of what I wanted to say here.

How much to purchase renewed Punkbuster support for Quake 3 Arena?

This is to be a community effort, with money collectively raised by the gamers and for the gamers, in order to take back a beloved niche, completely, from the hands of corporate entities. These companies, while credited with creating a venerable and well-beloved competitive arena shooter of the highest quality, and its entire originating genre, are nevertheless unfortunately subject to conflicting business interests regarding the health of any competitive gaming scenes which are centered around older titles.

Perhaps Even Balance would consider promotional pricing, as part of a campaign to introduce and showcase community-driven, 3rd-party-outsourced anti-cheat service, with Even Balance at the forefront.

Thanks much in advance