After expanding the reach of phgp in the American afps community, we are excited to announce our first eu player Lunokhod-2. One of the most influential cpm players along with a few other players that we are currently looking into will represent in team-based tourneys ( CTF, TDM ). Along with L-2 we are very excited and honored to announce that Alex Kurikh also known as Cooke will become the official Russian Phgp Caster. Cooke will take care of expanding Reflex in Russia and promote reflex in the already well established Deliberate Murder afps community.

I personally started playing shooters back in 1996 and won a couple of small Doom 2 LAN tournaments in Russia and England. After that I played netQuake and became the Quake 2 TDM and duel champion of Russia in 1998 and 1999. Regarding Quake 3: Since 2000 Ďtill 2005, I won TDM tourneys with teams like 4z, c58, forZe and the Russian National Team (Barrysworld Europian Championship in 2000 and Clanbase Nations cup in 2002). I gave esports up for almost seven years and came back in the beginning of 2012 with creating Quake Live team deliberate murder (102). Deliberate murder won a Hell of a lot of TDM tourneys online and on LANís, 102 members won and took prize places on Dreamhacks and QuakeCons. I am now very excited to join PHGP to stream and support Reflex! - Alex "Cooke" Kurikh

Hi, I'm L-2, and I live in Russia, I love sport and animals. I joined the Russain ProMode Community in 2010 with dream to be a champion of the game. I trained hard and played in every tournament. In 2013 I started to become a top CPM player and one of the leaders of the community. In 2015 I join REFLEX and today the PHGP team. Reflex is cool game and phgp are cool guys. I'm so happy about this. - Lunokhod

To provide l-2 and russia a place to practice we have launched a new phgp server which is stationed in Russia. Here are the details: " Russia - PlayHardGoPro! -"

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