Regarding the 6.75% increase in base movement speed with gauntlet; I imagine that thefirst circle jump and successive strafes will allow slightly faster movement overall.

I'm not sure how friction works on the second jump i.e. would the increased base movement speed of 320 slow you down more rapidly on a misstimed jump than the newer ~350, or is ground friction static regardless of air speed vs. ground speed.

Alternatively, only the first circle jump will be affected and successive jumps, if friction is the same regardless of base movement speed, will be the same as normal.

Someone could test this by increasing the base movement speed in a practice server I guess, but I just got to work so ~10 hours from now I will be able to test.

I anticipate overjumping the bridge when going to rail more frequently than I already do. I will probably not bother with Gauntlet out once this is released.