Hey guys, short on time but I wanted to get this posted. I've created a windows app that will scrape the quakelive.com profiles of all the players in the server you're connected to, and display the summary data. Currently it doesn't display the data in-game (I'll add that soon), so you really need a 2nd monitor for the app to work properly.


Version 1.1

C# Source (VS2010, .NET 4)

It doesn't have to be installed, you can just run it in place.

This is really fun for a lot of reasons. You can see if someone is an lg or rail whore (wep usage). You know whos lg to watch out for. You know who is just +forward rockets. You can find trolls easily (2 day old account averaging 50+ lg).

Also, it's not obvious, but you can click the column headers in the output data to sort by that column.

New in version 1.1
- CA Elo and CA Rank are displayed

Planned for future versions:
- Option to display the results in game (in the console)
- Balanced team recommendation based on CA Elo (maybe)