Think of such service.

Site, where you can upload demo of player playing the game (q1, q2, q3, ql, cs go or others) and get decision if there is any aimbot used in game.
No check for wall hack and other cheat stuff. Aimbot use only.

Site will have public stats created for all demos uploaded with all decisions. Search over whole data base (name of player, dates, maps, etc).

If everything will go well enough, then at launch site will have all demos from sites qlranks (or some other demos base) analyzed, so user will not start with some empty content.

No technology explanation (how decision is made) will be provided in public access. Smells like buying cat in a bag, but its not.

Are you ready to pay for such service?
How much can you pay?

For example 0.1$ per 10 mins long demo file.
Maybe 10 tokens for 10 demos for 1$.

What do you think.