vsync and frame pacing are two very different mechanisms, although frame pacing is ALWAYS on, where as vsync can be turned off :)

So, i was curious, do we all agree that vsync is a workaround for tearing, and that most of us would rather play with tearing than deal with measurable input lag? yes?

Why is it then that we do NOT agree on frame pacing as a work around for slight stuttering adding variable input lag dependent on THEORETICALLY stable fps, being forced ALWAYS ON, is just as bad an idea? Is it ignorance on the subject? is it the test that show stationary -> first movement showing no input lag(various tests, including recently done tests by noacc on here) undermines the real cause, and the ppl affected.

The fact that not all configurations are as affected as others, but some get the full bs of having to deal with frame pacing interfering even at limited fps aka 125fps etc?

An ON/OFF switch would be the definitive workaround as we do have on VSYNC, since most ppl know how vsync works, some make the choice(most) to not use it. Why not on frame pacing is my big problem.

The effect of frame pacing

Read this too if you like http://www.game-debate.com/news/?news=14728&a...20Explored
Is "tweaking it" the same as being able to turn off? Am i just not seeing it in Inspector?