I'm buying a new mouse and I need your help! I used to use abyssus(shittiest sensor ever sorry heartless), now i'm on logitech m100 since it's the onlything i can use right now.. I use claw grip so i was thinking something like Kinzu v3/ Zowie fk1/ Kana.

My problem is that I hate side buttons and all the good small mice have them nowadays...Except Kinzu but I hear stories about kinzu malfunction really fast..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HFZck9BAMw I have M100 for this...

Anybody has experience with Kinzu v3?
I've read:

I have 31cm/360 with 0.003 accel on 1000dpi which is about 0.01 on 450dpi.. would i make kinzu malfunction? sens is pretty normal not low.

Kinzu has no buttons which I find as a huge [+], I use claw grip and I always fear that my ring finger or thumb would rest on side buttons, if I bought a mouse like that.

Afaik Zowie fk1 is a very good mouse, malfunction speed is higher than kinzu's but.... WHEN YOU MAKE A GREAT MOUSE WITH A GREAT SENSOR MAKE SURE YOU PUT 4 SIDE BUTTONS ON IT AND RUIN IT. I really like the shape and all, weight is perfect even but....them buttons. Anybody using fk1 with claw grip?

Kana is pretty much the same than fk1, even the shape is pretty much the same.

So what would you suggest?