Have been collecting frags and sequences for a while now. Looking for someone to make it into a frag vid :O

I think the frags are fairly decent (can see my youtube channel for random samples ; grrrmbleql ). Also includes a couple of WR fastcaps (spider + ironworks w/ weaps). frags mainly from CTF and CA, with a few from tdm.

I guess monetary compensation isn't out of the question, but would rather not pay :E

for what it's worth, aidaho was making the vid, then he totally disappeared on me. haven't seen him on skype for yonks now.

edit: have roughly ~120 clips. can produce more on demand, tbh. would just need to "fragforward 1 1" through some demos.

have already spliced up demos, so all frags/clips are ~50kb dm_73 files (have original demo files, if needed).