warsow Warsow NA Revival Cup will be bracketed so newbies won't have to fight the 5+ year veterans. Game mode is duel, will take place on July 6-7th (5-6th for NA). First day will be bracket play and WB finals. Final day will be LB play, LB Finals, and Grand Finals.

Game: warsow Warsow 1.51
When: 20:00 CDT, 5 July 2014 & 20:00 CDT, 6 July 2014
Rules: double elimination, bo3 all matches (pick pick drop drop pick), higher seed picks first
Map Pool: wdm2, wdm5, wdm6, wdm10, wdm16
Cup Admins: mewt, Bjorn

Stream: kairu
Links: Brackets, Warsow.net // mIRC #warsow.na