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Rating: 6.1 (16 votes)
Sooo I transitioned from Warsow Race to quake live b/c quake live. This movie is my first project since I felt the frags I had been getting were decent quality (mostly clan arena). I have not bothered learning the cams yet as I'm still getting used to quake in general, constructive criticism is welcome, there are always things to improve. I didn't have a direction or purpose with this video, just went with it as I played so I figured I might as well try my luck at getting some BYOC tickets to Qcon (worth a shot right?) rather than have it waste space on my HDD.

Also, I didn't know if I could get the time off to attend QCON this year until after registration ended- I really do want Qcon BYOC tickets- message/email me if you have any information ! ;D