A new concept by me;

(sorry, dunno if you can embed here?)

Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing?

The video above is a concept production, so it has some pretty obvious flaws.

Things I would fix in actual production vid:
- all 4 players' POV (maybe 2 players + radar on bottom half of screen, and 2 players on top half)
- simpler HUDs, perhaps slightly larger too? current hud seems fine too though.
- better streaming cfg - i accidently used my playing CFG, which is good, but streaming one would be clearer
- a modified hud showing players name for each screen
- audio, either a commentary (even a post game commentary by whoever would be willing) or, where possible, team communications for the game
- 1080p (not sure why this one isn't 1080p - youtube might have fucked it up, or it's still processing it, coz it's definitely 1080p on my hdd)
- radar view more in sync - will enable timer for it to help with the sync'ing.

open to constructive criticism and advice on ways to improve it.