I would like to introduce you Shot Arena, the game I am currently working on.

First trailer (Movement Preview):

Website: http://www.shotarena.com
Forum: http://www.shotarena.com/forum

What is Shot Arena going to be about? What you will read here may change before the release. The game is one month in development now. I would like the first version to be ready by the end of this year.

Basic Info:
- Free to play, browser based fast paced arena shooter (standalone version possible in the future).
- Game Modes: Duel, CTF, TDM, FFA
- All weapons from the start and after every spawn (low ammo for some of them).
- Armors and healths will respawn always at the same time: 0:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc... The map will be empty till 0:30.
- Only healths, armors and powerups on the map, no ammo (there will be two other ways to get ammo, read below).
- Random loot (with healths, armors and ammo) is being dropped from a player after each frag.
- Everyone is getting the same random loot every 30 seconds. You can see what it will be 30 seconds earlier.
- Movement: Bunny Hopping, Sliding, Edge Jumps (flat and vertical). Maximum speed after the first jump.
- Some elements of the model will change colors according to the health level.
- 120 FPS :)
- Many other things that will be revealed in the future.

- Gauntlet, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Rail Gun, Grenade Launcher, one more weapon will be revealed later.
- Two combo shots with grenades: Rail + Grenade = BOOM!, secret weapon projectile + Grenade = Grenade will travel like a projectile until it hits something.

My goal is to make fun, competitive game for casual and hardcore players. I want to make something new, fresh and fun.

I would like to release it by the end of this year. After that I will spend next years making updates (if there will be anyone to play the game).

I hope I will be able to make it. We will see...