As most people now know, weed was recently legalized in Washington state. Next time you're here, you might be interested in trying legal weed. The shops will not be opened until next year, but when the time comes, be sure to look for the legal weed logo. Yes, the state has developed a logo denoting official legal weed.

Every state in the union has a nickname. For example, Tennessee is called 'The Volunteer State', and Texas is called the 'Lone Star State'. Washington just happens to be called 'The Evergreen state'. I suppose, it's because of all the tree's, but now, it has a different meaning.

So that you can familiarize yourself with Washington and it's legal weed commerce, the logo can be found here. When you're driving around or hanging out with a friend who lives here, you may see the logo and wonder what the fuck it is. Now you know.

Thank you for your cooperation.