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dear ID Software owners,
dear esr readers,
dear quakers,
dear warsowians,

My bet is that 2013 will be a great year for videogame, eSports, Fast Paced Shooters, and for the whole Quake scene, including Warsow.

But first of all, as Warsow's founder, I'd like to tell my endless gratitude and respect to the creators of Doom and Quake.
(sorry for my broken english)

Thanks for the First Person View that changed the world of videogame.
A short novel I wrote about my Doom experience helped me to get my first job as videogame journalist in 1996.

Thanks for always keeping realistic weapons and background away from Quake.
This heavy editorial (and therefore, ethical) decision is now gold.

Thanks for your contribution to shareware license, and your contribution to Open Source software through your GPL engines. So generous, so noble.
This heavy ethical decision is gold.

Thanks for the Quake and Quakedev communities.
You are not only major actors of eSport and indie gamedev, you are also major actors of eLearning.

Your engines are major tools for self-educational processes.
You turned thousands of hardcore gamers into skilled, hard at work, talented polymath programers and artists.
You helped hundreds of people to find their vocation, to get a job.
You saved lifes.

Thanks also for being a major actor/tool of innovation and creativity.
You triggered thousands of indie projects.
Hundred of concepts turned into reality.
Dozens turned to to be really innovative and few really clearsighted.
See me coming ? :p

Qfusion may be considered as a nice but simple indie bit into the whole quakedev, this bit is a gem.
Warsow may be considered as a Quake-clone with trix and wall jump, cartoonish gfx and esport ethics in mind, this bit is a gem.

Because ethics, call to Respect & Sportsmanship, call to self-moderation, are exactly what videogame needs in 2013.

And in the end, this gem, through GPL, through your passionated and dedicated communitites, owes much to you.
So, one more time, thanks for everything you brought to human kind, ID Software owners.

I'd like also to give a special thanks to few unknown but major contributors to the history of eSports.
Thanks to the founders of those little Quake physic bugs that brought to a new dimension 3D interactivity in FPS.
Thanks to the founders of the implicit but not mandatory hi/hf/gg ingame consensus.
Those guys showed me the way about Warsow.

With my best regards and biggest respect, HNY and GLHF to all =)

Fabrice Demurger, aka SoLomonK, Warsow's founder