In the past few months, a number of individuals in the community has discussed, planned, and tested what we all hope will bring additional energy to our beloved duel scene in Europe.

FACEIT and France Kevin "strenx" Baeza are proud to officially launch a brand new series of daily cups:

Starting this month, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will feature two cups running concurrently each day. Each cup will be capped by Faceit-Rank, meaning you can join the cup only if your skill is lower or equal to the value (you can always join higher ranked cups). The prize pool will be 10$ per cup, distributed among the first places, for a total of 400$ sponsored by strenx’ project donations.

The goal of these cups is to give duelers a chance to step up their daily practice, facing opponents of adequate skill and similar mindset. Depending of your skill, you may able to join easier and harder cups to test how the tricks you learn work with other both kind of players.

Update: given various requests, we increased from level 9 to level 10, to let top player participate.

Links: FACEIT, mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEITcom, Facebook Strenx