Well since QuakeCon is almost here and my favorite gametype is CTF, I have decided to host a two day event!! Round 1-3 will be held on the traditional Tuesday and the Finals will be played the following day! Same bat time same bat channel!!!

Who: CSN
What: CTF - Single Elimination - All teams welcome!
When: Check-in, Rounds 1-3 19:00 CDT, 24 July 2012 & Finals 20:00 CDT, 25 July 2012
Where: QuakeLive - North America Servers Only!!
Why: Qcon is Coming!!!!!

Stream: Targetquake_tv
Links: Event Info, Sign-up, VODs, Demos || mIRC #csn.ql, twitter.com @CyberSportsNet, Facebook @CyberSportsNet