Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 11 March 2012 to 16:00 CDT, 11 March 2012
Schedule: Passed

Ladys and Gentlemen welcome to the first JeeSports Invitational CTF Draft Tournament. United Kingdom invites Europe's best players to fight for victory and honor. Several streams including shoutcasters will be up to entertain the audience and show off CTF action at its best. There will be a side-contest during the whole tournament. rewards the best frag or sequence (may contain flagruns, PU-runs and flagreturns) made during the event. The participants are advised to send their demos including description (action + time) to mousestar in irc. Show starts tomorrow at 10:00 CDT

Note: mousestar will make a short video with best frag or action next few days.

Streams: United Kingdom Level Up TV #1, Russia ZTV
Links: Cup page, Official announce, mIRC #JeeQL