Hello ESR! New poster, but I’ve been playing Quake for a while.

In any case, I would like to humbly inform you of a fantastic, free Source mod: Fortress Forever.

Fortress Forever is, in essence, a modern rendition of Team Fortress Classic that “is supposed to be about bringing Team Fortress to modern times, evolved into something more fun and appealing without losing its soul.”

Originally a Quake mod by Robin Walker, John Cook, and Ian Coughley, Team Fortress combined the strategic class, team-based elements in 1996 that we see in Fortress games today with fast pace of Quake to make a dynamic and engaging experience for all involved. It became widely popular mod that was played by the thousands.

The next iteration of Team Fortress came about as a mod for Half-Life in the form of Team Fortress Classic, which became wildly popular and successful.

Team Fortress “revolves around a number of teams competing in a variety of game modes with players selecting one of nine classes to play as… The way a player acts in a game is mostly defined by which class they select, and as such, Team Fortress Classic relies heavily on teamwork between players of different classes.”

Fortress Forever was released on September 13, 2007 as a free Source mod that was heavily inspired by Team Fortress Classic, but was nonetheless built from the ground up. The idea of Fortress Forever is to provide new players with an engaging, endlessly compelling game to get engrossed in while at the same time providing Team Fortress Classic players with a pleasing, more modern alternative to their beloved, timeless game.

The gameplay is fast-paced, dynamic, engaging, and very difficult to master, similar to the beloved Quake physics. The nine classes that have been ingrained in the game for so long are all dutifully represented in style in the Source engine. The developers are active and engaged with the community, which is comprised of quite a few passionate, dedicated, and helpful individuals. It is an enjoyable, adrenaline-pumping, fantastic team-based game that is sure to please both TFC and Quake players with its superb, fast physics and its awesome gameplay.

There is a relatively active pickup community, which can be found at #ff.pickup on QuakeNet, and spectating them is always encouraged for new players and old. Participation, after some time spent in-game, is encouraged even more. Although the community is still small in comparison to a number of other shooters out there today, our community is slowly growing in size, and we’re starting to reach out to the gaming world at large to help expand, as well as reaching out to various leagues and event organizers.

So why not swing by www.fortress-forever.com and check it out? If you have any fond memories of Team Fortress, TFC, or are simply interested in trying out a new game that will hopefully appeal to you as a Quake player, I can’t recommend Fortress Forever enough. :)

Here are some videos if you have made it this far. ;)







And finally, some TFC gameplay:


Some important links to follow if you would like to try it out:






I hope you check it out, and thank you for reading. Join our amazing, bustling community, and help this wonderful game grow! :)

Have a good one.