I have a friend who wants to go to QuakeCon this year. For some reason, he thinks it would be so much fun, while I've assured him it's a waste in every way possible. He doesn't listen. He is stubborn. Keep in mind he would only be going to play Quake Live, which is dead in America. Anyway, I've helped this friend because I've known him for quite some time. We were introduced a couple years back at a local college LAN party where they featured a comprehensive Quake tournament (Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Quake 4).

He has been playing a lot of Quake Live recently. He isn't a competitive player. He probably hasn't played a pickup game in his life. I told him about the www.quakepickups.com site and about the competitive players as he genuinely seeks to improve with a relentless determination to attend QuakeCon. He has no idea about this world. I help him navigate the site, tell him about mumble, voice communication, positions, and all the essential information of a pickup game.

The Best Part
I'm at his apartment, acquainting him with this new found world, helping him tweak his config, and just being a friend. He finally meets the so-called competitive Quake Live community, if you can call it that, in the form of Incubus and Gambit AKA Fear. I'm trying to get him in a game while these two immediately withdraw and start calling me a hacker. It was probably close to two hours before 7/8 players were there. Kicked and banned right at 7/8 from the site and the mumble channel. Why? Incubus and Gambit are scared to play someone who isn't known on the site and start screaming hacks and being immature little kids, as expected. They actually convince each other and whoever else it may have concerned that his IP belonged to lex, some cheating insta-shitty like the majority of the NA CTF players, fear included.

There was a moment of silence when I spun around in his chair to look at him after he witnessed everything.

Him: What the fuck was that about?
Me: Quake Live.

We had a little conversation. I explained to him how common this is and once again pressed the matter of the waste of time, money, and effort involved in going to QuakeCon. I'll be interested to know what happens in August.